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Mute Monday: Assorted Photos

October 5, 2015

IMG 1650

IMG 1655

IMG 1656

IMG 1662

IMG 1671

IMG 1942

IMG 1947

IMG 1951

IMG 1957

IMG 1967

IMG 1669

IMG 1680

IMG 1670

Why To Cut Down The Tomatoes

October 3, 2015

Tomato Cut Worms! Yikes!

IMG 1644

Clearing out the summer’s tomatoes, this is what I found…

IMG 1645

ICK! They have little baby Cut Worms on their backs! (That’s the white thingies.)

IMG 1646

I shoved them down into the drum-size black plastic garbage bags!

IMG 1647

It took 2 drum-sized bags to hold the tomato plants I removed…& that’s not all of them!

IMG 1648

Hoping to transplant a cocktail tomato plant & some basil into pots for the winter in the greenhouse.

Paint! Well.. Primer!

October 2, 2015

IMG 1950

IMG 1664

The sheetrock guys finished installing & sanding every single wall & ceiling in the house.

IMG 1665

Which means it’s time for primer!

IMG 1666

Starting in the garage, because it is easier to paint ceilings & walls in the garage before the doors are installed.

IMG 1667

Cloudy, rainy (MONSOON!) days didn’t make it easy.

IMG 1668

Billy, the painter (actually the guy who owns the company & keeps up with his crews) carefully inspected every surface. If there was a nick, a bump, anything not completely smooth, he drew a circle around it in pencil. That means it had to be sanded & re-primed.

IMG 1672

These guys work fast with no drips on the floor!

IMG 1675

Ooo! Color!

IMG 1678
(Gray primer was used because I chose a lovely dark red for the dining room.)

These are not the colors I chose… According to #1 assistant, 4 ounces of color is used in primer, while 8 ounces of color is used in the actual paint.

IMG 1963

IMG 1965

Big Ugly Wormish Thing!

September 25, 2015

Can anyone identify this big, ugly, spiky, caterpiller-ish thing? It was on the May Pop plant growing up in the raspberries. Yikes!

IMG 1935

I would have killed it but I wasn’t wearing my gloves & I wasn’t about to touch that thing with my hand!

Happy Anniversary, DH!

September 24, 2015

Happy Anniversary, DH! 38 years ago we walked down the aisle to exchange our vows before the Lord & a church full of witnesses. (No, I didn’t choose the tux, my mother did.)

139 3

We’ve been through a lot together – DH finishing med school, sons born & educated, pets, loss of both our fathers, vacations, moving to a different city & now back in an apartment for over a year while we build our house on our farm…


We exercise together, bush-hog our land, grill under the Hackberry trees, feed Lucy, pet Moxie… We may be older, but we still have fun, still have dreams… for ourselves & our sons.

IMG 1071 2

Installing the Sheetrock

September 23, 2015

IMG 1640

They started at the master bedroom end of the house & worked their way through.

IMG 1643

Ceiling pieces up first.

IMG 1919

The house looks smaller… & bigger! No more walking through walls, though.

IMG 1922

It took them 5 1/2 days to finish the whole place!

IMG 1926

Taping it to make the seams smooth is supposed to start this week.

IMG 1929

That means dust in the air, dust on every surface. It will look like a blizzard.

IMG 1931

This week, I have to finalize bathroom tile selections, interior paint colors, exterior paint… What else? Oh! Interior stain for doors & window frames. I have chosen my granite for the kitchen & master bathroom, though it hasn’t been reserved yet. Until the drawings of the cabinets are completed there is no way to know how much granite is needed.

IMG 1927

Anything else? Yes! I have to get our fall/winter clothes out of storage, set up the farm DBA account… I know I’m forgetting something…
Carole & Harry have 5 laying hens! Aren’t they beautiful! One egg a day per hen! Egg-cellent!

Progressing: Bathtub!

September 22, 2015

IMG 1878

Johnny’s guys can do anything! They correct framing mistakes made by framers… Hmm… They are Putting the siding on the outside of the house. They will build the cabinets for the entire house. They will install all the tile in the bathrooms. I think I need to make some brownies for them.

IMG 1880

Moxie inspected their work & approved.

IMG 1934

The tub is currently sitting in its box in what will be the dining room. Deep, white, oval – yep, it’s a tub!


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