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Climbing Up

May 27, 2015

IMG 1427

Ooo! A ladder! I love high places: mountains, trails, exposed ledges in the Grand Canyon, ladders! DH thinks I was an eagle or a mountain goat in my former life. (No, as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ we do not believe in reincarnation, he just says that.)

IMG 1439

This is the flooring system for the Bonus Room above the Garage.

IMG 1440

A view of the rest of the house from up here.

IMG 1441

The “front yard” is a bit of a mess right now.

IMG 0512

DH took this photo of me on top of the ladder. Glad Harry wasn’t here…he would fuss at me about not being careful. I love Harry, the big brother the Lord gave to me by marriage to my dear friend, Carole!

Framing Continues

May 26, 2015

IMG 1425
View from our sitting area next to the barn.

IMG 1426

IMG 1428
The front porch. Left: Dining Room windows. Center: front door. Right: Study windows.

IMG 1429
Entry Hall.

IMG 1430
Great Room doors & windows. (The windows were framed incorrectly! So glad I was here to review it with Harry!)

IMG 1431
Kitchen bay window.

IMG 1432
Keeping Room door & window. (This window was also framed incorrectly!)

IMG 1433
Keeping Room windows that will look onto the screened deck.

IMG 1438
Keeping Room fireplace.

IMG 1435
Guest Bedroom.

IMG 1436
“Stairway” up to Bonus Room above the Garage.

IMG 1437
Kitchen: where I will be cooking for the rest of my life. The Pantry & Laundry Room are through the 2×4’s. Excited!

Not-So-Mute Monday: Beach Pics

May 25, 2015
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IMG 1408
Cardinal couple resting between feeding nestlings.

IMG 1411
A cute green lizard on the deck. I wish he would eat the wasps flying around!

IMG 1422
Live Oak.

IMG 1409
What a view!

The Framers Arrived: Told You So!

May 22, 2015

P5186805  1

While we enjoyed a couple of days at the beach, Harry kept an eye on the framing crew.

P5186808  1

We returned from a morning on the sand to find these photos in an email.

P5186811  1

No work was done on Saturday nor Sunday due to rain.

P5186817  1

We have walls…sort of.


Can’t wait to see it with my own eyes!

Two Stars

May 21, 2015

IMG 1291

Jupiter setting.

IMG 1292

Sirius shining.

Sunset Walk On The Beach

May 20, 2015

IMG 1397

DH was determined to make a trip to the beach before the summer crowds descended.

IMG 1396

We invited #1 & #2 sons to join us. #1 accepted.

IMG 1398

Traveling with an adult child is interesting…different…exhausting…expensive! (The same as when he was a small child!) :0)

IMG 1399

Food, wine, spirits… Excellent seafood. Phenomenal cooks – #1 & myself.

IMG 1400

Of course, THE BEACH! The colors, the surf, the sand – the most beautiful beach in all the world, bar none!

IMG 1405

When the good Lord made the Gulf Coast, He did His very best work!

IMG 1403

Morning walks on the beach before sunrise for me.

IMG 1406

Evening walks on the beach at sunset for us all.

IMG 1407

Glorying in the beauty, the peacefulness… ahh!

None of the photos were edited! The colors were the colors when I snapped the pics!

The Framers Arrived!

May 19, 2015

IMG 1387

The wood for the flooring system was delivered by Shapard Lumber, the only remaining independent lumber company in Columbia. All the others succumbed to the onslaught of Lowe’s & Home Depot. Not Shapard!

IMG 1388

The other reason I love Shapard Lumber, the owner is the newly-retired organist from the historic Methodist Church of Columbia. David is a treasure. His precious wife – oh my goodness! Sydney is a stained glass artist & she’s a card! Too funny! Petite, beautiful, oh my goodness!

IMG 1389

Johnny, our builder, is a member of the historic Methodist Church in Columbia also. Carole sings in the choir there & wants us to sing a duet. Maybe this summer.

IMG 1391  2

Harry, the supervisor, at work.

IMG 1392  1

As I approached, Harry hollered out, “Come dance with me!” We could have, the flooring space was so large! (Harry is a fabulous dancer! He even made me look semi-good at #3 son’s wedding reception.)

IMG 1393  1

We have a floor! We’re going to have a house!


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