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Last Week’s Egg Letter 10/10/19

October 16, 2019

It is Thursday afternoon. I have finished my farm work and “Work” work…oh how I love my “Work” work!
Anyway, I thought I would holler at y’all now because I have a number of appointments and interviews tomorrow… I love my life! I love my farm! I love my not-farm business!

Eggs are for Sale! Who needs eggs to be delivered on Sunday at church?

Walter & Sweetie sneaked some feed from inside the pasture.

Walter and Sweetie trying to get feed from the wrong side of the fence.

The rain last weekend, the overcast days of late, the lower temperatures – praise the Lord God Almighty! He has given us relief! He alone made all things and He alone has rained His mercy upon us! (We almost didn’t come to church last Sunday, so enthralled with the falling rain, the smell, the sound…)

The sort-of tarp covering DH and I hung for the goats on Saturday was full of water and half-fallen-down when I went to the pasture this morning. The goats looked no worse for wear. Fat, sassy, some wanting to be petted… They all love feed, though they no longer receive it regularly.
DH is researching the best shelters (smallish) that we can put into the central pasture when we – take a deep breath – move the younger nannies to the front pasture again. Time for my cardio again! Pam? Pam? Where are you, my goat-herding friend?

Does & their kids.

Heidi, Dot, GG, Jumper, Barb and Joy – too cool for school.

The hens are great! They are being fed Scratch again now that the temp has dropped. While filling my Scratch bucket, one of the young pullets flew up to stand on my wrist. Silly bird. She stayed there while I walked out of the coop until I dropped my arm and scattered Scratch for everyone!

The big dogs were bathed last weekend ahead of the cold front. They immediately rolled in the grass and Dixon, bad dog, scratched up mulch to roll in! Not longer White Great Pyrenees. They are filthy, cocklebur-encrusted, spoiled rotten farm dogs!

Walter has the most beautiful coat! Looking forward to seeing his offspring!

Let me know if you want farm fresh eggs!

Tammi Hollis

RODAN+FIELDS Independent Consultant
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Egg Customer Letter 2/15/2020

February 17, 2020

Arrow’s Keep eggs for sale! Who needs eggs?
The hens evidently liked the rain and laid lots of eggs this week.

Snow in the pasture. I blame our pastor, Jim Bachmann. That man loves snow and at the first mention started praying…and being a preacher of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ who God loves very much, God listened to him! Thank You, Lord, for Pastor Jim and for the beautiful snow…and that the snow did not stay on the ground very long!

The hens survived all the rain and didn’t develop webbed feet, though I checked daily just in case.

It appears to me that all the young goats have been bred and maybe Joy and Dot. Heidi and GG are more difficult to discern. I’m thinking we should expect kids toward the end of May. Yippety-skippety! I love baby goats! They make me smile!

The big dogs are hunkered down in the doghouse this cold morning. Cocklebur-encrusted and dirty from all the mud around lately, they are warm and well-fed.

Jeffrey actually awakened at 7am our time this morning! WooHoo! Maybe he is finally adapting back to US time!

A fire in the fireplace. Sunshine coming through the windows with blue skies overhead. A warm cup of coffee in my hands. Time to finish my Bible study daily work!
Have a wonderful Saturday!

DH has given me a Caribbean Cruise for my upcoming birthday, so we will not be at church next week. If you want extra eggs, you might want to get them this week!


Tammi Hollis

RODAN+FIELDS Executive Consultant
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Egg Customer Letter 2/6/2020

February 7, 2020

Get them while you can! Jeffrey, otherwise known as #2 son, eats 6 every morning! He is tall and slender, proving that eggs are good for a body! Are you eating your farm-fresh eggs daily?
Who needs eggs this week?

Jeffrey saw us in the airport before we saw him, because when I finally caught a glimpse of this guy, he was smiling! I hugged and held and patted and hugged him again. I have not punched him in the nose…it’s such a pretty nose, looks like his Dad’s. I even remember when Jeffrey’s beautiful nose was broken – in a high school basketball game by a Brentwood Academy player caught him with an elbow, then the ref called a foul on Jeffrey! I was so mad! Don’t even get me started!

Oh, farm news… It’s wet and chilly and muddy and cruddy. The hens liked the warmer weather and produced a few extra eggs this week. I also increase their protein with top-dressing yeast powder. They love that! The hens were feasting on worms yesterday since the rain and warm weather forced them to the surface.

The goats are fat and sassy and always wanting to be petted, but mostly want to be fed!
I am still not sure which does have been bred. Other farms are already enjoying newborn kids. I’m thinking we won’t have any until sometime in late April. At least the kids won’t freeze when Mama Goat delivers them without my interference if they deliver in April.

Jeffrey met the big dogs when he exited the car Tuesday night. He was surprised by their calm gentleness and not pleased at the wet fur and cockleburs. He loves on Moxie Kitty many times a day. He named Moxie before she was born 15 years ago. He saw the goats and hens yesterday on a walk in the rain and is still adjusting to travel fatigue.

Let me know if you want eggs!

Tammi Hollis

RODAN+FIELDS Executive Consultant
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February 1, 2020

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Not Playing Possum!

January 31, 2020

Monday evening, when I returned from Maury County Chorale rehearsal, a big possum was trying to enter the chicken coop, but ran under the barn before I could run over it with my Prius & I didn’t have a gun with me. Glad I didn’t slam the car into the barn! DH would not have been pleased.

I used the heavy rake to carry it to the house for disposal. I would leave it out for the buzzards, but the pups would get it, drag it back to the house & ugh!

I locked the coop up tight on Tuesday evening & saw no evidence of the possum, but made sure the doors were locked & the electric fence on.
Wednesday I had to leave the farm earlier than usual for errands ahead of choir practice. I locked the coop when I returned, about 9:30 at night after hearing the hens breathing & ‘purring’, thinking all was well.

Weird back paws.

When I opened the coop Thursday morning, there was a pile of scat in the coop: not chicken poop, some other animal’s poop. Quietly, slowly I peeked into the nesting boxes & oh my goodness! A possum was sleeping with evidence of its egg-stealing in all the nesting boxes!

Front paws more normal looking.

I ran to the house for a gun, ran back to the coop… Ever see a woman run as fast as she can in big muck boots? I was a sight to behold. The dogs thought I was playing & ran with me. Thanks, guys. At least I got my cardio in for the day!
…stepped back inside the coop & sent that possum to eternity! My ears are still ringing! When I grabbed my 9mm, I was in such a hurry I did not put on my ear-protectors. Oops!
By the way, I love my Sig!

Not a gentle wild creature that only eats ticks, thus providing a service to mankind! Yes, they do provide a service, but when they come into my territory to threaten my critters, curtains!

He was a good-size possum. See those teeth? Glad he ate eggs but not chickens!
Now for the question – WHERE WERE THE DOGS? Their job is to protect farm critters!
I called the pups once I parked the car in the garage Wednesday night, but they were ranging the property & nowhere to be found. Hmm… They are shirking their duty & it cost me a bunch of eggs!

It is time for me to get a Terrier! I have missed my Lucy since she went to sleep & it’s time for the big dogs to learn what home/farm security looks like!
So, if you know anyone with small Terrier pups due in the next month, please let me know!
Lu was a Cairn Terrier, but I will consider all smaller Terriers.

Email To Our Farm-Keeper

January 17, 2020

Another gray day, Em, but at least it isn’t cold!
I am going to leave the chicken coop open so you don’t need to rush over tomorrow.
I cleaned the roost this morning, my least favorite job on the farm. Ugh! Stinky! Core work for me! Good fertilizer for the coming Spring.
Beware – I opened the door into the coop and thought all the hens were dead…with all the rain they had decided to dirt-bathe inside. Holes under the straw!
There are 2 bags of feed in the 1st can. There are scratch and meal worms – yum! in the 2nd can. Just a few meal worms if you want or forget the worms and just toss the scratch, which they love and need if the temps are really going to drop. I dug up some of the spent feed in the run near the feed can. Stinky mess but interesting watching them attack the fermented grain residue.
Please be sure the water founts and outside bucket are full. They are eating high protein , which seems to have finally solved the molt problem, and crave the water. (Take care turning the toggle at the faucet – one toggle broke off and left raw metal.)
The rubber hammer is just inside the little barn on the floor in case the hen fence goes down. “Fence off. Hammer at the base of the fence post. Fence on.”
Goatses are fat and sassy! You may have issues getting into and out of the pasture in the pick-up due to the rain. I slip/slid into and out yesterday. They don’t have to be fed. I left 2 bales of fresh hay with them on Monday.
The red bucket is inside one of the cans. It kept blowing off and getting wet.
I will put a box of raisins inside the truck for you. They haven’t had any lately…BEWARE! They LOVE their raisins, especially Joy, and Jolly, and Dot, and Sweetie, and … you get the picture. (If you don’t drive in, the goats will come up to you at the swing – raisin them there… No getting the pick-up stuck, which is good. They won’t starve.)
Big guys celebrated their 4th birthday yesterday. They are covered with cockleburs. . I am filling their heated water bowls and outside food pans when I finish this email. The coming cold will prevent the garage door from being propped open for them, but they know where to go to stay warm and dry.
Moxie is a sweet kitty as always. She has a new bag of dry food atop the egg frig. With the garage doors closed, she will be able to eat without the dogs stealing her food! Whoopie! If you will, give her 2 or 3 scoops of dry and half a can of wet food. That should keep her satisfied.
That’s about it!
Thanks so much!

A Quiet Thanksgiving.

November 28, 2019

The boys have not come home. We did not invite guests. Just the two of us for our annual Thanksgiving Dinner.
But that’s OK.

Our Hollis Family Christmas Weekend will be a week early this year, so it seemed a waste for the kids to fly on the busiest flying day of the year!

The cross-stitch Thanksgiving bread napkin Mama Jane made for us many, many years ago!

DH suggested we have Dinner a our favorite restaurant, Mere Bulles, which is in Brentwood. We have done that before & the food is delicious, the atmosphere warm & inviting. Lots of hugs from staff. But that meant getting up early for farm chores, showering, dressing, driving for 45 minutes, eating, then driving for 45 minutes back to the farm. Not the quiet morning I was craving.

I continue to grow dwarf citrus trees. These are oranges – itty bitty oranges that refuse to get ripe!

I suggested that I prepare a turkey breast & just a few trimmings, since DH & I challenged each other for wellness & weightloss when he surprised me with a trip to Miami, FL just a few days before the kids arrive.

The basil did not survive, but the parsley is growing!

Of course he agreed!

Six-pound Turkey Breast, which I put in my Citrus Brine yesterday, in which I used my own herbs which are still growing in the garage under the “grow” light!

Lemon Thyme. Variegated & German Thyme. (My farvorite herb!)

The last of the Sweet Potatoes that I grew a year ago. I had cooked them kept them in the freezer for such a time as this! Sweet Potatoes Praline!

Beautiful bacon lattice. I was inspired by Carole’s turkey a few months ago! Note the gorgeous Sage which has grown outside near the original garden.

Keto Creamed Spinach – which, if I keep ‘tasting’ it, there will be none to serve at Dinner!

I set the table for Autumn a couple of weeks ago…had a friend over for lunch & needed a suitable table setting. Just brought out the Lenox Autumn China (I LOVE my china) & Francis 1 sterling which my mother gave to me before she passed away last year. This is the 1st time I have used it.

Oh good! A pop-out little thingy! Hurrah! I know. I messed up the lattice when I put it on the turkey.

The house is a wreck with boxes & bags of Christmas decorations everywhere. Mason & Dixon & Moxie came inside this morning for petting, conversation & warmth while I was prepping our meal.

All wrapped up until time to free the bacon for crisping!

The hens are enjoying the sunshine. The goats, mainly Sweetie Pie, calls from the front pasture when they hear us talking out back. DH shared a bottle of sparkling wine with me under the portable heaters on the deck at sunrise this morning…

We do have some time issues with when Dinner will be served. The Dallas Cowboys (Dak Prescott, Ms State quarterback grad) play football at 3PM. Mississippi State University plays at 6:30PM!

Priorities! Football!

Meyer Lemon! DH is hoping it will be ripe for his Saturday margarita.

The turkey is in the oven. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on the TV. DH is upstairs in his office. The dogs & Moxie are outside, finally not underfoot.

I am going to sit down in my favorite chair in the Keeping Room to read, with a lovely Chablis in my glass…ahead of the oven timer sounding!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, if anyone wants a recipe, let me know!

Cystomer Egg Letter 11.15.19

November 16, 2019

Hasn’t it been a beautiful day? Oh my goodness, I have been outside more than I have been inside today & I love it!

I have farm fresh eggs for sale! Who needs eggs?

Only 1 more thing to do and Arrow’s Keep Farm will be ready for Winter – put the heater in the water trough near the bird feeders. That way, not only to the birds have access to water, but so do the big dogs when they come up from the back side of the property.

The goats are secured in the central pasture again because I filled that new shelter with a fresh bale of straw. The goats are hungry with the very cold weather and attack when I try to feed them. It ain’t easy to fill a bucket with feed when goats have their heads in the feed cans, the bucket I am trying to fill & standing on me trying to reach feed! DH went with me this afternoon & distracted them with raisins…which means they took turns jumping on him, but I was able to close the gate & access the feed cans all alone! Whew! What a relief!

I gave the hens a special treat this morning – a very large cake of sunflower seeds & mealworms. They were very pleased.
Egg production is slowing. Not unexpected. Hoping extra protein will keep them laying a bit longer.
I still need to butcher the oldest hens but that hasn’t hit the top of my To-Do List yet.

Moxie Kitty snuggling with me on the very cold morning!

Bitter cold earlier in the week has stopped anything & everything from growing.
Our bird-feeders are set.
All plants are warm & under plant lights.
Moxie Kitty enjoyed the dogs sleeping in the garage that very cold night because she likes to snuggle with Dixon.

Now to sit out on the back deck & enjoy the last of today’s sunshine.
Let me know if you want eggs!

Tammi Hollis

RODAN+FIELDS Executive Consultant
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