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D Is For Dogwood

April 15, 2015

IMG 1175

…& for Disgusted…

IMG 1177  1

…& for Discouraged…

IMG 1178

…& for Depressed…

IMG 1192

Is the rain ever going to stop & is this house ever going to come out of the ground?

Building A Berry Bramble

April 8, 2015

Planting berries are like making an investment, kind of like planting trees.
I started with the blackberries my friend Joni gave me years ago from her mom’s garden. They have lived in a plastic pot, producing lovely berries & lots of nasty briars.

IMG 1284

Then store-bought blackberries, some thornless. Hurrah!

IMG 1286

A trellis will help prevent the bramble from becoming…well, a bramble!

IMG 1290

On this day, the 3-lb hammer was my favorite tool. Kudos to my trainer, Greg, for all the weight lifting, pushups & kettle bell swings.

IMG 1292

Then unrolling & placing the fencing wire. That was a challenge.

IMG 1296

After the wire I unrolled black plastic sheeting to limit weeds.

IMG 1299

I am still trying to find hardwood mulch to cover the plastic in both the garden & the berry patch. Most companies add dye to mulch – yuk! I just want plain, old, regular mulch.

Gardening From Scratch

April 7, 2015

Before gardening could begin, raised beds had to be built. I found a fabulous supplier of “Royal Soil” who shared his recipe with me. Woo Hoo! I’ll be making my own from now on.

IMG 1105

Remember the ice, snow & cold of winter? So does Lucy. She was wrapped in 2 coats & a towel most of her days in the barn.

IMG 1107

Dear husband dumped tractor bucket loads of the good organic dirt in the areas I had prepared with layers of cardboard & paper grocery bags to minimize weeds/grass from infiltrating the beds, then I spread the dirt over the 8 foot x 4 foot beds.

IMG 1285

9 of them. The one that is set sidewways will be the asparagus bed. I was tired a the end of the day.

IMG 1126

Covered them with heavy plastic drop cloths to prevent weed seeds from finding a new home.

IMG 1115

Surveying the Lot

April 3, 2015

Hurry up! Wait. Hurry up! Wait. I had no idea that building a home was all about hurry up & wait.

IMG 1314

Dirt was pushed. The building site has been completely cleared, ready for someone to dig footings, pour concrete & back-fill. But no! Since we changed the house plan, a new copy had to be filed with the county Department of Building & Zoning. Everything is at stop until the county employees decide that the new house plan meets their standards. The footprint of the house hasn’t changed; the square footage has decreased, that’s it!

IMG 1315

What a lovely surprise – trucks coming up the driveway! Johnny our builder & the surveyor! I guess Building & Zoning gave the go-ahead.

IMG 1313

Measuring. Looking through the measuring thingy.

IMG 1320

Lots of talking.

IMG 1321

Looking at the house plan. Comparing notes.

IMG 1317

Then they were gone.

IMG 1322

The front door location & the view out the back of the house.

IMG 1325

The “back door” at the side of the front porch will go into the mudroom.

IMG 1326

The garage from the mudroom.

IMG 1327

The view from the Keeping Room where I will read my Bible every morning, the eastern horizon. I love seeing the sunrise. I watch it every morning, in fact, I don’t remember ever not being awake to see the sunrise…ever in my whole life… That makes me smile.

Now we are waiting for 3 days in a row that are above freezing & with no rain. I think the freezing temps are gone till late next autumn, however, it’s springtime which means there will be rain…often. Hurry up & wait. Here we go again.

Mute Monday: Dew Drops

March 30, 2015

IMG 1133

IMG 1134

IMG 1135

IMG 1136

So, Where Was I?

March 25, 2015

IMG 1265

Having to re-learn how to use my blogging software/site after all this time…

IMG 1266

Looking at my Post log, I had almost forgotten the trips DH & I took last fall to escape the frustration we were feeling with the lack-of-house building.

IMG 1267

So, where was I when we hit DEAD STOP with the house?
We hit dead stop because the house plan had to be redrawn. Our initial non-architect who drew (literally drew it by hand – no computer) failed to mention a number of little extras he had included (heating the entire basement floor!) & didn’t explain how a full basement was going to send our budget into a dumpster, especially with the current high cost of concrete.

IMG 1277

Our builder recommended that we have his best friend, a tenor in the choir of the historic Methodist church in Columbia with Carole, redraw/redesign the house plan. Michael was an experienced builder until he developed severe Parkinson’s Disease. He still designs houses using his computer with a clear understanding of what a builder must have and great advice for the hopeful property owners.

IMG 1282

The redesign was delayed because ML had to have the battery of his brain implant replaced just before Thanksgiving. The implant stimulates his brain to reduce his Parkinson symptoms. They are supposed to last 3 years; his lasted 2. The plan was finished Monday before Christmas. Well guess what? It’s hard for a builder to put together a price estimate when everyone is celebrating the holidays.

IMG 1305

Delay, delay, delay. Grouch, grouch, grouch – DH, not me… :0)
Is this thing ever going to get started, much less finished?
Talk of selling the property and moving to a condo, already constructed, in Florida!
Warmish January…nothing.
February – we have the price estimate! Hurrah! Let’s do it!
Snow, ice, rain, cold – ARGH! I hate winter! I hate February! I hate this!

IMG 1311

Could anything make this worse? So glad you asked! Poison ivy. DH & I pulled vines off the giant Poplar in the front pasture on Valentine’s Day. I worked in a short-sleeved T-shirt. Big mistake! I have just finished my 2nd course of high-dose Prednisone after it went systemic. (Always does!) Poison ivy is still visible on my ankle, but with Tagamet & Benadryl twice a day it seems to finally be drying up. Excuse me while I yawn…again & again.

IMG 1140

There is nothing like the smell of good dirt & I have been enjoying watching the backhoe & bulldozer turning up, pushing aside & clearing the way for our house to be built. Finally.

IMG 1142

God is good. All the time.

IMG 1143

Mute Monday: Tired Lucy

November 3, 2014

IMG 0909


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