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Mute Monday: It’s Summertime!

July 6, 2015

IMG 1526

IMG 1557

IMG 1558

IMG 1559

IMG 1560


July 2, 2015

IMG 1523

The watermelons are planted at the edge of the garden next to the fence. I wanted to trellis them & keep them off the ground, so it’s easier to get around in my enclosed garden space.

IMG 1524

It has worked fairly well…

IMG 1525

From these tiny little melons on the fence…

IMG 1546

…to these chubby almost-softball sized beauties.

IMG 1547

The heat & rain should help all the vegetables continue to grow.

IMG 1548

I’m not too surprised that small melons are showing up on the ground along the runners.

IMG 1549

We should have a bumper crop one of these days…

IMG 1550

IMG 1551

IMG 1552

Hope everyone likes watermelon.

IMG 1555

House Construction Continues

July 1, 2015

The house? Work has continued amid the rain, fog & extreme heat.

IMG 1492

Some windows have been put in & I have now met our plumber, Woody, the HVAC expert, Cecil & our roofers black German shepherd, Genghis.

IMG 1496

Darrell, our electrician, has worked steadily hanging light cans, running wiring & guiding me where to have light switches & plugs. He even drew a palm tree on the floor in the kitchen because I was studying where the island should be placed. Funny, great guy!

IMG 1497

With internal wall studs in place, the place actually looks likes it’s going to be a house.

IMG 1511

Our neighbors Registered Red Angus come to visit each evening while DH & I enjoyed our grilled meals.

IMG 1502

Lucy & Moxie have settled into the routine of early mornings in the garden…

IMG 1520

…late afternoons under the trees to eat supper.

IMG 1521

Tomatoes Taking Over

June 30, 2015

IMG 1394

Just looking back through photos, I am shocked at just how much everything has grown, how quickly, too.

IMG 1395

Waiting & waiting for the tomatoes to decide to make fruit & ripen. Well, the wait is over!

IMG 1396

With a no-till, raised bed garden, I tightly placed plants to keep weeds down & make harvesting easier. Uh oh! The tomatoes are very happy in their rich soil & have spread toward the barrier fence, into the squash, overtook the sweet onions & then collapsed in the rain last week!

IMG 1398

What was supported by tomato cages fell over uprooting the cages. What was not supported has stretched out on the ground sending new roots down.

IMG 1399

DH helped me right & replant the cages. I still have to crawl under the plants to harvest cocktail tomatoes, Roma tomatoes & Big Boys, but that’s okay.

IMG 1430

Along with the jalapeño peppers, garlic & yellow onions growing, I will be canning my salsa, which I haven’t done in 2 years! Yum & yum again!

IMG 1431

By the way, photos are not color enhanced.

Mute Monday: Foggy Morning

June 29, 2015

IMG 1418

IMG 1422

IMG 1424

IMG 1425

Lucy’s Favorite TV Show

June 19, 2015
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IMG 1368

I need a break from talking about the house.

IMG 1383

Lucy is the most visual dog I have ever had, have ever seen!

IMG 1373

She barks, jumps, growls & whines depending on what she notices on the television.

IMG 1384

Her favorite show is Funniest Home Videos, which I let her watch most afternoons. Why do I let her watch it? It’s the best possible exercise!

IMG 1370

She sits in front of the TV waiting for something to catch her eye. Then she jumps at the TV, growling, looking back at me to be sure I’m watching her.

IMG 1385

There was a commercial she liked…the anti-depressant that had a little egg-like critter floating across the screen. It hasn’t been on lately that I’ve noticed.

IMG 1372

Anytime an animal is on TV, she barks & attacks. Action movies – lots of movement, jumping, running – she barks & jumps.

IMG 1389

Yes, there are scratches all over the TV cabinet.

IMG 1392

Even More Progress

June 17, 2015

IMG 1357

The rain stopped. The beautiful, bright sun shined. The saws whirred. the hammers hammered. You get the picture.

IMG 1358

Moxie now follows me to the house, even with all the construction noise.

IMG 1360

IMG 1361

The 2 x 12s making the Great Room ceiling are up.

IMG 1362

IMG 1363

IMG 1364

The deck work has started.

IMG 1365

Wrapping the house in plastic has begun.

IMG 1367


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