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Framers Still Busy

July 30, 2015

Fascia & soffits installed, so why are the framers still here? To put the posts on the front porch supporting the roof & to cut the deck floor.

IMG 1586

Progress – a lot of progress right now.

IMG 1587

Jeremy continues installing the gas lines in the crawl space. Darrell is trying to get all the electrical completed this week so it can be inspected.
Fireplaces in. Almost ready for the electrical & the mechanical inspections. (Yep, Maury County added another inspection. I bet someone’s son-in-law needed a job.) Then the insulation & drywall can be installed.

IMG 1590

Yippety-skippety! A house is being built here!

Tough Workout, Lots Of Errands & A Call From Harry

July 29, 2015

IMG 1576

Exhausted after the Memphis quick trip followed by the gate lock not opening, Monday morning still arrives with DH leaving for the airport while I head to exercise with our trainer, Greg, who brought his little boy to see our farm last Saturday. Precious little boy!

Core, lower body, upper body, weights, cardio – yep, it was a great workout.

IMG 1577

A “Walmart run,” Whole Foods stop, Home Depot for the new gate lock then waiting, waiting, waiting for the US Post Office to open. 8:30am – gee, half my day is gone by then!

IMG 1578

Unload everything at the apartment, change clothes, something to eat, set the combination on the new lock. Phone rings: “Have you already been out to the place?” “No, Harry, I had errands to run after exercise.” “Well, you may want to come on out here. They’re putting in the fireplace inserts. Oh, didn’t you get a spec sheet about the vent-a-hood?”
Oh no. I forgot to leave the spec sheet for Johnny our builder.
“I’m getting in the car right now.”

IMG 1579

Fill the water bottle. Load Lucy & her bed in the car. Fill her water bowl. Drive. Thirty minutes later we are turning into the driveway & up the hill we go.

IMG 1580

Park the car. Unload Lu. Unlock the barn & speak to Moxie who wants to be brushed. Grab the spec sheet & my big gardening hat. Walk to the house – lots of activity. Lots of people.

IMG 1583

Johnny, Harry & Darrell the electrician were waiting for me in the kitchen.
Very good news – Johnny had installed a 10-inch pipe for the vent-a-hood, exactly what the spec sheet called for.

IMG 1588
Great Room Wood-Burning Fireplace

Discussing with Darrell light placement in the master bathroom at the vanities. Seeing that he had installed the lights with vents in the shower & water closet. Even electrical outlets in the house & on the deck – working outlets!

IMG 1589

Then to pick tomatoes & okra – the temperature is already in the 90’s, humidity around a 1000 percent! Yep, gonna get overheated today!

We Have A Garage Floor

July 28, 2015

Returning from a quick trip to Memphis to see “the mothers” we stopped on the way to the apartment to feed Moxie.

The lock that Harry attached to the gate to secure our construction site has failed…for the 2nd time! I had to call Harry when all of a sudden the stupid thing wouldn’t unlock.

This time it didn’t open. DH tried – it didn’t open. I tried about 14 times & it still didn’t open! Sigh. I hate to call Harry on a Sunday afternoon… Sigh, again…

IMG 1563

DH starts walking up the driveway hill to feed Moxie. Lu & I wait in his car at the locked gate for Harry to come to the rescue. We have been in the car for a tough 3 hours – I hate driving on I-40; horrible traffic! Excuse me, but why hasn’t I-40 between Memphis & Nashville been expanded to 3 lanes both ways? More truck traffic than any interstate in the USA! Not to mention idiot left lane riders who obviously never took Drivers Ed which taught, at least when I took it a whole lot of years ago, that the left lane was for passing, slower traffic keeps right! I know the answer, but it’s not politically correct & if I start ranting right now I’ll never stop, won’t sleep…frustration…ARGH!

IMG 1568

Anyway, DH walked up the hill. Lu & I were waiting at the gate for Harry. Having traveled for 3+ hours, Lu needed a potty break. I take her from the backseat of DH’s little car & that’s when yappy dog & her hound counterpart come running at full speed barking like crazy. Stupid dogs. Lu potties & I grab her quickly, toss her into the front seat, close the door & hope Harry arrives soon.

IMG 1566

Which he did. Armed with bolt cutters & some kind of pike, he attacks the lock. Just a little (ton!) of pressure with the pike, the lock opens. Relief! Lu & I drive up to check on DH & Moxie.

IMG 1567

WD40 again & again, the lock still sticks. On our way back down, Harry meets us headed up. The lock has worn out. I get to make a quick trip to Home Depot in the morning to buy a new lock.

What in the world would we do without Harry!

Oh, we have a concrete garage floor & front porch.

Mute Monday: Uh Oh & Butterflies!

July 27, 2015

IMG 1561

IMG 1557

IMG 1558

Set In Stone, part 2

July 25, 2015

Back outside to watch them pour the front porch.

IMG 1538

IMG 1539

Everyone is busy – framers up top, cement guys in the “mud,” Johnny & Harry supervising it all, Darrell inside setting can lights, Alex & his crew under the house placing ductwork. I’m the only one standing around.

IMG 1540

IMG 1541

Oops! Spillover!

IMG 1542

Sweep it into Johnny’s Bobcat to pour on the porch.

IMG 1546

So glad the front & side doors were covered with plastic.

IMG 1548

The alarm I had set on my phone is ringing – time to take Moxie to the vet for her annual check-up.

Set In Stone, part 1

July 24, 2015

On the way to the property I receive a text from Harry, “We b pouring concrete in the garage right now.” Waiting till I stopped at the stop sign, I responded, “On Darks Mill.” Safety first.

IMG 1522
Johnny the builder & Harry supervising.

By the time I arrived, the garage floor had been poured. So glad Lu wasn’t with me.

IMG 1523

Busy bees, these guys pushed & kicked the wet cement, lifting the steel rebar with a special tool so the reinforcement would be inside the concrete.

IMG 1524

IMG 1544

To take photos from inside the house…oops! How do I get into the house? Leave it to Darrell the electrician to think ahead!

IMG 1545

IMG 1526

Pour it in.

IMG 1528

IMG 1535

Smooth it out.

IMG 1536

Framers Have Returned!

July 23, 2015

IMG 1516

Soffits & fascia. What in the world? Yep, I’ve learned lots of new words.

IMG 1518

The vertical band under the roof edge, where you hang rain gutters, that’s the fascia.

IMG 1521
Johnny, our builder discussing something with Manuel, head framer.

The flat section from the edge of the fascia (roof) to the wall of the house, soffits.

IMG 1520
Look what I found in the garden!


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