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Bathroom Granite

January 27, 2016

Our bathroom granite was delivered late Monday, installation having been delayed last Friday because of frozen precipitation. I had been on the run all morning delivering DH to the airport since my Prius is still in the shop, so I had forgotten about the granite until I walked into the guest bathroom to check on Moxie.


Lovely surprise! This is actually marble which is known to stain easily…but I really wanted white in here.


Now to check the master bathroom…


I love this granite. It’s called Colonial White, but so much color!


Upstairs to see the bathroom & bar…




The bar granite is called Magma. If I had known I would choose something so beautiful I would have had Johnny make the bar bigger…had a custom desk built for DH…hung it on the walls…


I love the sink I found on It is reclaimed copper & it was on sale! Woo Hoo!

It’s safe to click on the Wayfair link – I am not an affiliate so I don’t make any money on purchases. I have been very pleased with everything I have purchased there.

Oh! The granite is from Prestige Marble & Granite in Columbia, TN. Ask for Shea – she’s a sweetheart!

Hardwood Floors

January 23, 2016


Ted & his team stained the upstairs hardwood floors last week. No worries. No one is going up there often.


They started the downstairs earlier in the week. The west half of the downstairs looks great!


We moved Moxie Kitty to the barn because it was time to stain the remaining downstairs floors. If she were pinned in the guest bathroom, where it is warm & quiet, I would not be able to get to her to feed, water & pet. She was moved to the barn for 24 hours. A cold 24 hours.


This morning in the falling snow, Darrell the electrician came to continue hanging light fixtures. (Bless his heart.) Moxie meowed & pawed the deck door so he let her inside. Darrell is a sweetheart.


DH & I climbed up the hill around noonish… My Prius cannot pull the hill when there is snow & ice. (On days like this I really miss my Suburban.)


We fed Mox, set up her guest bathroom suite, refilled the bird feeders, visited with Darrell, DH participated in a couple of conference calls, we grabbed our boots from the house attic, locked up the barn & headed back down the hill to drive over ice & snow to the apartment. I am so ready to be living in this house!

Lack of Communication & Progress

January 20, 2016


Slowly but surely the house is being finished. The tile guys finally came back to finish the tub surround in the master bathroom. Finally!



Fans & lights are up all over the house. Darrell’s son, Matthew has helped since Darrell’s accident – cutting the tendon to his right thumb 8 weeks ago. Yikes!


Pets are catching naps at every opportunity. (Moxie has been moved into the guest bathroom because of the cold. I couldn’t keep her water from freezing solid in the barn even in front of a heater.)


Our builder & I have struggled with communication during this entire process. I haven’t been able to fully explain how I want something to look, why I want a particular anything. At least that’s what I am telling myself.

If he disagrees with a decision I make, he either forgets (like the drawers I wanted in the risers of the stairs) or he delays building/installing hoping I will change my mind, or he ignores what I want instead doing something the way he thinks it should be done (this includes stone installation, cabinet colors, deck railing…) Sigh. This has been frustrating, infuriating, aggravating, disappointing…

I was so angry 2 weeks ago that I called DH to tell him we were putting the house & farm on the market & moving to the beach!


This is the chandelier from our old house. I love it.


The good news – we are almost finished building this house. I don’t even have the energy to add another exclamation point.

Kitchen Cabinets

January 16, 2016


Kitchen cabinets are being constructed by our builder & his crew…minus one. The youngest member of his crew has taken a job with GM – his uncle opened the door there for him. The timing for that is not good with us trying to get in the house by the middle of February.


Handmade, completely handmade cabinets. Our screen doors for the screen porch are ready to be installed – handmade screen doors. Cool!


Handmade drawers & sliding inserts for the cabinets made to order.


I pulled a picture from a magazine about 6 weeks ago & gave it to our builder, Johnny. “I can do that,” was all he said. He was right! He has “done that”!

Off I go to pick all the veggies from the garden in the drizzling rain & cold. The lettuce did not take the very cold temperatures well last week, even in the cold frame, so I am going to harvest everything. That means this afternoon will be busy with lots of washing & cooking. There will be some very good eating going on over here this weekend.

It’s Been A While…

January 13, 2016

I realized just now that I haven’t written or posted any photos in over a month. Sorry.


We enjoyed many sunrises & sunsets at the place.


Even some foggy mornings in the valley below.


#1 son, #3 son & DIL stayed with us at the house-under-construction for Christmas. (#2 son moved to the Philippine Islands back in October. He didn’t come back for the holidays.) It was like camping with heat, though our builder did pull some strings to have granite installed in the laundry room (which means a sink with running water), a working toilet in the master bathroom & a working shower. Hurrah! No going out in the balmy 70-degree weather to use the porte-potty especially at night!


Wine, board games, food… Pets, inflated (sometimes deflating) air mattresses… Target practice with a variety of weapons, gardening… Fire in the fireplace, music, more wine, more food… Gifts opened – the solar-powered lights were a hit!


Once the kids left, DH & I streamed football games on his iPad. Fatigue included the pets.


There has been considerable work done on the house. The cork floor has been installed.


The garden has continued growing. Lots of lettuce. Lots of turnip greens, turnips & collard greens, spinach, kale, Swiss chard, parsley. But the biggest bumper crop has been slugs! Yikes! The slimy critters are leaving little round holes all over the plants on the garden. I have gone through a ton of beer though I haven’t drunk a drop! I pour beer into empty cat food cans, strategically place them in the garden beds, then stand back & watch the slugs crawl to their death as fast as they can. Our organic garden will stay organic – no pesticides or slug pellets here.


Painting is almost finished! Just the trim work remaining.


The floor guys are patching, sanding… They painted an area for me to make sure the color was what I wanted. It is exactly what I want!


We have given notice on our apartment; we have to be out by the middle of February.
Yippety-skippety! We’re going to have a house again.

Mute Monday: Animals at Arrow’s Keep Farm

December 7, 2015
Red Angus from the farm next door.

Red Angus from the farm next door.

Moxie inspecting the trim saw upstairs.

Moxie inspecting the trim saw upstairs.



Deer in the south pasture.

Deer in the south pasture.


December 4, 2015


Pantry frames in but not yet attached to the walls. Shelves will follow.
Moxie making sure she likes the new addition.

Custom-made cabinets!


Laundry room.



Cabinets made by my builder & his guys – the most amazing craftsmen I have ever known!




The plant grow light shines pink, red & blue. That’s why everything in the garage looks odd.







Uh oh…Not crazy about the color combo…



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