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Happy Spring & Paper Hearts!

March 21, 2011

Happy 1st Day of Spring!

Last month I posted photos of paper hearts like my Mother made for my boys when they were young. My friend, Leslie, asked when I would show how I made them. Well, today is the day! With all the crafting there will be no time to cook, so no recipe today.

Get ready for a bunch of photos…


Using 2 different colors of construction paper, measure 4 1/2 inches across & 12 inches long. Cut the 2 pieces of paper together, stacked on top of one another, so the pieces are exactly the same size. Round off the ends.


Fold each piece of paper in half. Measure 5 inches on each piece twice, dividing the paper into thirds. Cut through the folded paper from the fold toward the rounded edge.


Now for the weaving, I’ll describe with the colors so I don’t get you too confused – also, I usually turn the paper inside out to hide the pencil marks on the inside. Start with one of the yellow “thirds”: slide it into (between) a green “third”. Then take the green “third” & slide it into the yellow “third”. Now slide the yellow “third” into (between) the last green “third” slot.


Repeat this with the remaining yellow “thirds” in & out of the green “thirds” slots, alternating the starting slot. Don’t get in a hurry or the paper will tear. It really makes more sense when you are doing this, feeding the paper between, in & out alternating colors.


Now you have a little heart basket.






You may want to gently pull the rounded tops away from each other on each side to stretch out the heart tops.

For the handle, cut a thin strip of either color construction paper 12 inches long. Using a small dot of glue, attached the handle to the inside of the basket. Allow to dry overnight. (I cheated here & used 2 small pieces of tape.)


And there you have it!

I love yellow & green for the first day of Spring! Insert a package of flower seeds & present the little heart basket to your friends celebrating the welcomed Spring we’ve been longing to enjoy!

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  1. Leslie permalink
    March 21, 2011 7:11 am

    thanks so much for the directions. I will definitely be making some of these for my grandkids.

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