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Bathing Lucy & Dilled Carrots

April 29, 2011

Poor little Lucy was chasing a chipmunk under the deck, thought she had it trapped but it escaped with her in full-chase mode, barking like a crazy dog! The nasty rodent escaped…for now…Moxie dispatched 2 yesterday.

Lucy bath

Lucy was limping as she returned to the garage; not that unusual with her ancient bilateral torn ACL’s resulting in a bad hip. But this was different – there was a clicking sound as she walked & her feet were muddy. Bath time!

I stopped my morning baking – yes, I bake most mornings – filled the laundry room sink with warm water & went in search of the old dog who had hidden when she saw me gather her bath paraphernalia from the cabinet. She had retreated to her bed in the exercise room – formerly the screened porch.
Off with the collar & into the sink.

I use baby shampoo on her head & face, Head & Shoulders on the rest of my little dog. Did you know that H&S Shampoo kills fleas & ticks? It also smells so much better than the shampoos in the pet store that rid your pet of the blood-sucking parasites.
I saved the feet for last, allowing them to soak a bit to make it easier to remove the dirt/mud/yuck. Surprise – I found a large piece of gravel stuck in the center of the pads of 1 paw, covered in mud. No wonder she was limping!
After her bath, I Pedi-Pawed her long nails. Cairns have naturally longer claws than other dogs – for turning over rock piles (cairns) in search of vermin.

Lucy  fish

Lucy hates her bath, she doesn’t like water hoses, but she has no qualms at all with climbing into the spillway of Carole’s pond to watch the goldfish.

Dilled Carrot Sticks

Lucy’ favorite treat is a raw baby carrot. When anyone opens a drawer in the frig, she comes running begging for her snack.
This is a lacto-fermented veggie – good for your tummy & delicious, too!


  • 6 medium Carrots, peeled & cut into sticks
  • 1 Tablespoon Whey (the clear liquid on top of your sour cream or plain yogurt)
  • 1 Tablespoon Sea Salt
  • 1 Tablespoon chopped fresh Dill
  • 3 cloves of Garlic, quartered
  • Filtered water


  1. Place the carrot sticks into a quart glass jar with a screw-on lid.
  2. Add remaining ingredients, shaking gently to settle the carrots if needed.
  3. Fill to within one inch of the top with filtered water.
  4. Cover tightly.
  5. Allow jar to sit on a plate at room temperature for 4-7 days; you can try them at 4 days to check tartness. If not tart enough, leave them out at room temperature longer.
  6. Refrigerate.

Because the carrots are more dense, they take longer to ferment than other lacto-ferments like sauerkraut or pickles. They also stay crunchier & last for months!

Note: If you do not have whey or have a dairy allergy, omit the whey from the recipe & increase the salt to 2 Tablespoons.

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