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Return of the Laptop!

June 23, 2011

I have been surviving without my computer since last Sunday when I discovered a cracked display necessitating replacement of the laptop screen. On my way to choir practice late yesterday afternoon I received the phone call I had been longing for, “Hi, this is John at the Apple Store in Green Hills. Your computer is ready for pickup.” Containing my enthusiasm – I didn’t want to launch into the Hallelujah Chorus, straining my under-worked vocal cords & possibly scaring the guy to death – “How late are you open today?” I calmly, almost nonchalantly asked. “We will be here until 9 o’clock tonight.” “I’ll be there!” Once I clicked off the call I started singing praises to the Lord for His mercy to me & the coming return of my missing appendage.

Our final choir practice before the July break went quickly. It felt good to sing with this chorister (one of Paul’s words) family having missed a Sunday in the loft & rehearsal last week. Songs sung, piano played, prayers said, notes addressed, “No, thank you, I don’t want an ice cream sandwich,” & I’m outta here! I almost ran over Jeannine on the way out of the parking lot! Sorry about that!

Come on, traffic lights, I need green! Into the parking garage, into the store, check in with a blue shirt greeter & yes, it’s ready! Not only that, but my Genius, Lance, comp’d the repair, which I confessed before being asked, was entirely my fault…let’s not talk about overstuffed vehicles returning from vacations… I love Lance! I love Apple!

It took a while to decrypt the hard drive – 22 hours – with all the hacking going on of late, what do you mean you don’t encrypt before allowing service on your machine! Are you crazy? I have caught up with emails…those I didn’t delete, read my RSS feeds, started dinner…I wonder if Carole has a beer I can pour over the brisket since the ones I thought were in the frig yesterday mysteriously (no mystery with sons in the house) disappeared & now I need to exercise before the rest of the day gets on, so no photos, no recipe. But, hey – I have my computer back! Woo Hoo!


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