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Too Hot? & Creamy Bellini

July 12, 2011

July too hot? Missing January?


I get to freeze all summer because DH does not tolerate heat & keeps the house air conditioner on 72 degrees unless he gets overheated working in the yard, then turns it down a bit more.

IMG 0277

Time to readjust my blanket & woolen socks!

IMG 0275

Don’t worry, winter is coming soon enough!

IMG 0273

Creamy Bellini

How about something to help cool you in the heat…


  • 1 Small scoop Peach Sorbet or Peach Ice Cream (It helps to live next door to Carole who makes incredible homemade peach ice cream!)
  • 1 shot Peach Schnapps
  • Champagne or Prosecco


  1. Place the sorbet in a chilled, tall flute.
  2. Pour Schnapps over sorbet.
  3. Top with enough champagne to fill the glass.
  4. Sit back & chill!

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