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Debord Falls

July 27, 2011

Our Weekend Away:
Walking a bit faster down, we stopped by Debord Falls. The overlook left much to be desired – like, I want to get my feet in the water, thank you very much! So we climbed down the wooden steps, over the rocks & into the stream bed.

IMG 0924

The water was crystal clear & cool on this hot July afternoon.

IMG 0926

I love the trees that grow out over the edge of the chasm cut through rock by the water.

IMG 0925

We only had a minor mishap on the hike: DH became impatient at my cautious steps across the one place we crossed the stream up top before heading down. Going around me, he stepped on a slick rock, lost his balance reaching for the side & fell, popping his forehead (& sunglasses) on a tree root.

IMG 0927

But, as you can see, he recovered nicely, rinsed the sandy dirt off once we reached Debord Falls & has only a bruised left hand for his troubles.


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