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Intelligentsia Coffee & Jet Lag Prevention

August 10, 2011

I was introduced to Intelligentsia Coffee by #1 Son who spent his summers in college working at Starbuck’s, or as I call it, Five Bucks. He walked into the kitchen as I was making a fresh cup of decaf just now – he eschews decaf – “When people came into Starbuck’s & ordered a nonfat, decaf latté, they got upset that we announced it as a “Why Bother.”

IMG 0849

Well, my “Why Bother” is not nonfat – I use real cream! Real cream from a local dairy farm! Just enough to smooth the taste on occasion.

IMG 0850
(Wow, I look tall & thin reflected in the stainless French press!)

Intelligentsia Coffee roasts the beans when you order it, then ships directly to you. Since I started drinking this, I have had to buy a random pound from other local sources until my newest shipment arrives – they are never up to the Intelligentsia standard. I don’t ever plan to run out again! Not worth it! There are very few things in life that can be as satisfying as a very good cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

Jet Lag Prevention

With this being the summer travel season, how about some advice…

  • When you land drink a cup of regular coffee, stay up until bedtime, take 1 melatonin & sleep.
  • Tomorrow, no jet lag.

Something else you should do as soon as possible after you arrive at your destination, take your shoes off & walk around in a grassy park (or sit quietly on a park bench, just keep your bare feet in contact with the ground) for about 30 minutes – grounding yourself helps your body reset to the new location.

Originally published by accident on July 8th! ARGH!


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