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Detox Body Aches

September 7, 2011

Anyone who has ever tried to detox their body understands when I say Detox Body Aches. When we improve our diet, change our diet, eliminate allergens from our diet, attempt to eliminate anything from our bodies that has been around for a while (extra pounds or heavy metals for example) our bodies want to rebel. That means body aches.

Five years ago when I came off corn products & store-bought, pasteurized dairy products I had severe detox symptoms. It was miserable. This time, knowing what’s going on, the symptoms are not nearly as severe.

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My body aches seem to isolate in the elbow & knee joints. Ouch! Have your ever been so very tired that you couldn’t go to sleep & your knees just killed you? That’s what it feels like – like I’m really tired & need to go to sleep. Sorry, but can’t go laze about being a slug-a-bed! Too much to be done!

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What to do:
Drink, drink, drink water.
I have also tried to increase my Chorella intake. Preferred source, Multi-Green Kombucha.
Use an analgesic cream like Willow Balm.
Step out into the sunshine & allow those bright rays to warm your body all the way to the bone. No heating pad feels as good as a few minutes in the sun.
Take a warm shower or bathe.
Continue to eliminate the nasty stuff from your diet, your body & your life.

This will all be over in a few days & my body will be healthier for it. Most important, hopefully I will have figured out if I have a food sensitivity so I can avoid exposure with the resulting voice issues.


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