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October 14, 2011

I love to exercise however, for the past 2 years (or more) I have struggled to stay injury-free. I seem to make progress & the next thing I know I’ve hurt myself – straining my back, spraining an ankle, on & on. #2 Son suggested I be evaluated by a personal trainer, to see if there are some underlying issues causing the injuries. Excellent suggestion!

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He found a trainer familiar with the Four-Hour Body program that he has been using & made me an appointment. Josh, one of the trainers at Chadwick’s Fitness & Performance Training in Cool Springs, was great. He was calm & kind & encouraging as he put me through the paces. Because of my back pain & injury issues he brought in Greg, another personal trainer who is a licensed massage therapist as well. Greg took a thorough history & then conducted a few of his own evaluation drills. After an hour, these 2 young men informed me that I am left-side dominate with a weak right side, very likely the cause of chronic injuries as different body parts attempt to compensate for weaknesses. We discussed how personal training worked at Chadwick’s & I signed up. After being brought up to speed & checked out to make sure I’m doing the exercise correctly, I will have their workout plan customized for me to use on my own. I also had an ulterior motive – I knew that DH would get curious if I was working out in a gym & it might encourage him to give it a try.

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I have been working with Greg twice a week for 4 weeks now & must say that I am shocked & surprised at what we are discovering – glutes not firing at all causing lower back, hamstrings & abs to compensate. Now we know why I have struggled with my back for years. Lats on the right are not firing causing the mid back, lower back & pecs to compensate. I have adhesions in my right tricep which is bound to the brachial tendon going into the elbow. OUCH! Oh, & my right collarbone has disappeared. It is there, but when I stand up straight you can’t see it. There is a spasm across the chest, up the neck & across the back – pecs, scaps, lats, traps – are all in spasm. Aha! Maybe this is the cause of the voice issues! All this adds up to: I’m a mess.

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Greg is great – except when he tries to kill me. :0) Come on, reverse sit-ups & moving a 25-pound weight with the inside of my foot up & down the practice football field inside of Chadwick’s! At my age! Absolutely at my age! I love it! He is encouraging & refuses to let me whine my way out of any exercise. Greg also attacks issues immediately when I make a comment like, “My right arm is lagging on the chest press.” Everything stops & he finds out why the arm is lagging, then back to the exercises. This morning I mentioned that I had a severe spasm in my neck & jaw while singing at church this past Sunday. Everything stopped & he started poking around my neck & shoulders until he found the origin of the spasm – OUCH again!

The moral of the story – be evaluated by a qualified trainer. You’ll be glad you did! In the Nashville area, I have 2 to recommend!
The best news, though – DH has begun working out with Greg!


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