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October 18, 2011

Sorry for the delayed Post – connectivity issues…

Coming out of the Ritz Grill DH noticed a sign – US Olympic Committee. OMG! I have to write a Post tonight! I almost forgot!

IMG 1124

Welcome to Denver! Uneventful flight – always want an uneventful flight.
Stepped out of the Denver airport – wind & I mean WIND! I thought for a moment we had taken the wrong plane & were in Kansas about to be blown to Oz. Scattered showers had been over the area ahead of our arrival – a cold front is trying to blow through. Heads up, southeast US – it’s coming your way toward the end of the week.

IMG 1125

Hello, Enterprise rent-a-car! After surviving a scented something on the shuttle bus from the airport to the rental car facilities (I lost my voice for about an hour! I want my own plastic bubble!) we were greeted by efficient young men who got us on our way in no time at all.

With me behind the wheel & DH navigating (until I fire him, which seems to happen on every trip we take) we headed south to Colorado Springs. No traffic to speak of until we passed Monument, CO. Ahem – the temperature dropped to 37 degrees at 7000+ feet of elevation, with road signs noting that the “chain law is enforced” & we had no chains in our rent-car. DH was complaining that the Weather Channel had not mentioned temperatures this low & he didn’t bring a coat, just his LL Bean insulated jeans, a Polartec, and insulated long-sleeve pullover & his windbreaker. I assured him that there were surely stores where we could find him a coat if needs be.

Trying to find a restaurant on the fly was a bit of a challenge after our quick trip to Whole Foods for water, lunch fixins’ & coconut oil – yes, kids, “anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal.”
We settled on the Ritz Grill – which I did not think to take a photo of the Art Deco furnishings because I was too busy enjoying a grilled beef fillet & steamed green beans.
Now, back to the beginning of this Post”
IMG 1127

Oh, no recipe…sorry!


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