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Focus, Academy & Garden

October 19, 2011

Where to begin, where to begin…
We have had a very busy day! Finding our car frozen over due to the hotel irrigation system, we had time for the car to warm up before starting on our way.

IMG 1128

Our first stop was Focus On The Family, a ministry we have supported for many years. Friendly folks inside. Great view outside.

IMG 1130

Next stop, the Air Force Academy. A four-mile drive from the north gate, we watched the film, toured the welcome center then walked to the Cadet’s Chapel.

IMG 1133

The colors come from the stained glass walls – it is breath-taking!
They were tuning the Walter Holtkamp-designed, Moller Company-built organs that are in the Protestant Chapel which is up top & the Roman Catholic Chapel below.

IMG 1136

You will get more of these on the next “Not So Mute” Monday.

IMG 1153

Then off to The Garden Of The Gods, which is a Colorado Springs city park because of the vision & generosity of railroad president, Charles Elliot Perkins & his family in 1909. Isn’t it wonderful when someone has vision – a vision greater than themselves that will benefit generations to come?

IMG 1167

The park acreage has been extended & boasts walking & biking trails, flora & fauna from the high plains & mountain regions.

IMG 1177

Pike’s Peak, 10 miles away with snow on top – but that’s tomorrow’s trip! Temperature 12 – 20 degrees tonight, high tomorrow 24 – 39 with 50% chance of snow showers. Glad I brought my coat!

IMG 1178

This “god” looks like her head is turned away.

IMG 1179

The Kissing Camels “window.”

IMG 1184

I could bore you to death with all the photos I took. I love red rocks. I love the clefts in the rocks. I love the hymn, “He Hideth My Soul In The Cleft Of The Rock.” I want to climb all the rocks…or maybe just ride horses through the park.

IMG 1185

Instead, I tried to photograph a Magpie that followed us around. Silly, chattering bird hid in a female juniper tree (note the berries, even if you don’t see the bird!)

IMG 1187
A stuffed bird in the nature center.


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