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Wildlife Week in Colorado

October 22, 2011

Surprise – it’s Saturday & I’m posting! Actually, this afternoon we will be flying home with a late arrival. Hope #2 Son remembers to fetch us at BNA!

What we saw in Colorado:
Stellar’s Jay – numerous around Estes Park, a few around Pike’s Peak
Stellers jay glamor

Pinon Jay – in the Garden of the Gods
BES pinyon jay 1 S 1

Peregrine Falcon – at Garden of the Gods cleaning out it’s niche in the red rock. Feathers were flying everywhere!
Peregrine falcon glamor

Black-billed Magpie – everywhere! These birds are gorgeous: black, white & dark blue; huge – up to 24 inches long; very verbal & not timid at all.
Black billed Magpie

Mule Deer – as we were leaving Estes Park
Mule Deer

Colorado Elk – all around Estes Park & into the Rocky Mountain National Park. A huge herd crossed in front of us on our way back from dinner at Grappa Bistro in Golden. Thank goodness there were warning lights that slowed drivers on Highway 6 before these massive creatures slammed into Friday evening traffic.

Chipmunks & Squirrels – in & around the Rocky Mountain National Park, particularly the Least Chipmunk: hyperactive title thing that comes right up & offers to jump on anyone it thinks has food; & the Abert’s Squirrel
Least chipmunk 1
Aberts squirrel

We did not see Big Horn Sheep – disappointed.
We did not see Western Rattlesnake – not disappointed.
We did see lots of dogs on leashes walking with their people everywhere we went, even restaurants. Well-behaved dogs & well-behaved owners.

Fire scw bottle

A different kind of wildlife – Stranahan’s Distillery – the oldest micro-distillery in… did she say Colorado or the US? I don’t remember. Very small operation that uses volunteers when they bottle once a month to fill, cork & label the bottles. 100% malted barley from Colorado makes a distinct, light (compared to Tennessee’s Jack & #1 Son’s peated Scotch) palatable whiskey. Thanks, #3 son for the recommendation.


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