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It’s November!

November 1, 2011

I didn’t write an October overview because I wrote about Reformation Day instead.

IMG 1294

It’s November! Can you believe it! Holiday time starts now – with all the meal planning, gift planning, cooking, wrapping, traveling… Hopefully you have an idea of where you will be Thanksgiving & Christmas. If not, get that nailed down as soon as possible. Followed by who in the world will be at your home for each of the afore mentioned dates. Then everything else will fall into place… with a lot of time & excellent planning!

IMG 1296

I spent too much time writing recipes for yesterday’s Post, so you’re not getting one today. Besides, Moxie just jumped into my lap to let me know it’s time to prepare her dinner!

IMG 1292

What happened in October? Well, I was in Colorado for a number of days, I introduced you to Greg, my personal trainer, voice issues – rather, candle/scent allergy issues, then same old, same old.

IMG 1293

It’s November! Woo Hoo! Time for hot cider, cranking up the fireplace, wool socks & falling leaves! I love autumn – especially late autumn!
Don’t you love the leaves! These are Carole’s trees next door & my chrysanthemums.


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