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Year’s End & Hangover Prevention/Cures

December 30, 2011

It’s been a year… it’s been one heck of a year…
Twelve months full of activities, occurrences, happenings, losses, gains. I’ve never been big on looking backwards. I guess I’m afraid I’ll miss something that’s just ahead. Looking ahead – that’s the ticket!

  • Twenty-Twelve… 2012… MMXII…
  • 2012

    Super Bowl XLV is in early February.
    Easter is April 8th.
    #3 Son’s law school graduation is May 18th.
    Olympiad XXX of the modern era will be in London next summer.
    Olympic logo

    On & on until the calendar is as full as this past year’s was.

    New Year’s Eve I will be next door for part of the evening, however, since I will be singing in the early service Sunday morning, I will not stay up late enough to see the very first moment of the new year.

    For those who do stay up to ring in the new year, these links may come in handy:
    Hangover Cures, one.
    Hangover Cures, two.

    Better idea – Hangover Prevention!

    American Beauty Rose

    You’ll be right as rain in time for the Rose Parade in Pasadena!


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