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Westminster Dog Show: A Rant

February 16, 2012
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I love dogs. I mean, I really love dogs! I have had dogs as pets my whole life, except for a time when my mother wanted cats because…actually, I don’t know why she wanted a cat.

Not Prissy Border Collie
(not my Prissy, but looks similar)

Growing up my favorite dog was Prissy, a Border Collie, who herded my younger cousins & was my constant companion until we moved her to the farm with my grandparents. I only saw her a couple times a month after that, but after all these years, she’s still my favorite. (I look forward to seeing her in Doggy Heaven!)

1 1 92 Caspian 12 1 2 wks
(Caspian at 12 weeks)

I have enjoyed different breeds through the years, but the constant that I return to is always the Golden Retriever. They were the perfect dogs for raising sons & still take my breath away when I see them – they are so beautiful – oh my.

IMG 1743
(Prince Caspian 1 year)

For the past eleven years I have had a Cairn Terrier, my Lucy. She has been my shadow, my pet, my friend & she was exactly what I wanted & needed eleven years ago moving to a new city, our old Golden, Prince Caspian having to be put down one week after we moved in because of kidney failure. *Sigh*

Lucy 2002
(Lucy Queen of Narnia)

I have also developed an affection for Shih Tzus because of Lucy’s best friend, Millie, the sweetest little prissy dog there has ever been.

Millie 2011

Watching the Westminster Dog Show the past two evenings was wonderful, seeing these gorgeous canines & their expert handlers. I dream about having the giant dogs as pets, the Great Dane (fell in love with these watching Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson as a child), the Irish Wolfhound, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Rottweilers & Mastiffs (massive, muscular!), actually all the breeds, even some of the Toys…


Question number 1 – With all those incredible dogs in the Best Of Show ring, why in the world was a walking dust bunny chosen as champion? Is there really a dog under all that fur? It can’t even walk! It trundles along hoping not to be picked up by a passing Roomba.

Question number 2 – Why has a Golden Retriever never been chosen Best In Show? NEVER, EVER! This is the perfect family dog, the most gorgeous coat, the sweetest disposition – it doesn’t make sense!

Sm dalmatian10

Question number 3 – Why are so many handlers obese? Bless their hearts, don’t they know that the other end of that leash would be more than happy to take them for walks to strengthen their hearts & lungs & encourage them to get fit? Except, that is, the trundling dust bunny.
German shepherd dog

So, a day late – I should have written this 2/14, but I was out to dinner with DH – a Dust Bunny that moves (I never saw any legs on the thing) won Westminster, leaving the Wirehaired Dachshund, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Irish Setter, Doberman & Kerry Blue Terrier in the dust… pun intended!

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  1. Betty permalink
    February 16, 2012 7:45 am

    I really thought the Kerry Blue would win but hoped the little wire haired would scoop up the ribbon. Loved all the photos…we were one of those who loved a golden too…wonderful dog and our neighbors had a border collie…beautiful to watch. Love those big dogs! 4 day dog show at Ag Center March 8-11.

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