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7 x 7 Link Award Nomination!

March 28, 2012

Wow! I have been nominated for a blogging award: the 7 x 7 Link Award! Unexpected doesn’t even begin to cover this honor!
Thanks, Becoming Madame, for the nomination.

From what I understand, these are the categories to which I must link my published Posts:

Most Popular: Hunt of NCIS & Pineapple Cake I think it’s funny that week in & week out this Post has readers. This & the “Mark Harmon” Post – but who can blame them for that? I included his photo on that one!

Most Beautiful: Sanibel Sunrise & Breakfast Burritos Just because I love sunrises!

Most Controversial: Zombies, the CDC & The Zombie I opted on the Zombie Post as most controversial, because if I linked my rant after February’s Westminster Dog Show & the trundling dust bunny, I would get fussed at again by C who loves those “non-dogs.” Oops, I’m in for it now!

Most Surprisingly Successful: Ash Wednesday & Fasting I never expected the topic of fasting during Holy Week to draw so many readers.

Most Underrated: Flying with Allergies Rant & Blonde Brownies People who wear perfume & aftershave have no idea how it affects those around them. I repeat: Do the world a favor & save them for a lovely evening AT HOME!

Most Pride Worthy: Chocolate, Cherries & Wine I am proudest of this Post because it was my first. I am still a bit stunned that I actually published something I wrote though I felt vulnerable, inconsequential & scared out of my mind. The encouragement of #1 son made all the difference.

Most Helpful: My Dad & The Heidelburg Catechism I had not read this Post since it published last summer. *sigh* Thinking back, I was trying to survive, barely hanging on by my fingernails. In a period of 4 months I lost my aunt, uncle, father & dear friend. It was a tough spring/summer. Why is this most helpful? Because it reminds me of why I am here, what my job is & to Whom I owe all honor, glory & adoration.

“Q.1. What is the chief end of man? A. Man’s chief end is to glorify God & to enjoy Him forever.”

Not a bad job description, I think.

Now, 7 worthy bloggers I am nominating, for you to check out!
Becoming Madame I really enjoy her blog posts – a young woman raised in Alabama now adapting to her life in France. The recipes, how-to videos, Paris bookstore & restaurant recommendations are wonderful! One of these days I will make it to France!

A Traveller’s Tale Jesse posts his photos from places I’ve only dreamed of visiting. Beautiful, amazing photos with stories of the people & places.

Farmgirl Fare I began reading this blog when I first discovered blogs & this time of year is the perfect time to discover Susan’s farm with all the lambs hopping around.

Kelly the Kitchen Kop It’s wonderful to find someone who appreciates the necessity for traditionally prepared foods!

You Look Fab Angie’s blog I found early in my internet searching days. I love gleaning fashion ideas, using what I already have in the closet & seeing what is trendy – though never considering myself such, I still want to see what others are wearing.

The Art of Non-Conformity Sons 1 & 2 introduced me to this author & his blog. Chris has made me think outside the box, get the brain working again & imagine the what-ifs that life still has in store for me.

PhotoBotos is a newcomer to my RSS reader. Every day there is an amazing photo at which to marvel: aqua lakes, castles in the clouds, still waters & so much more.

I would have included Know Mersey & Things Unnoticed, written by #3 son & his beautiful wife, but they haven’t been posting a lot lately…end of the school year.

So there you have it! My thanks again to Becoming Madame for my nomination & thanks to all my readers!


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