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Hello, My Name Is Robin

March 29, 2012

Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Robin.
IMG 1869

I’ve been knocking on your window for days & simply do not understand why you don’t open the window to let me inside.

IMG 1870

You see, it’s nesting season & I’ve decided this window ledge does not offer enough safety & security out of the weather for my nestlings when they arrive.

IMG 1871

IMG 1874

I have my own homebuilding supplies right here & would be an excellent addition to your managerie if you will just open the window.

IMG 1872

IMG 1875

Hey, how about the exercise room?
IMG 1879

The ledge is deeper & I can see the plants you have inside & all that space!
IMG 1881

I promise not to take up too much room & I will train the babies to only chirp when I bring them their supper.

IMG 1882

What are you doing with that camera? I don’t like having my photograph taken. Well, if you’re going to be that way about it, I’ll just return to the high windows.
IMG 1883

But I am not going to stop knocking until you let me in!



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