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Fitness Friday: Dogs in New Orleans

May 4, 2012

The morning was cool & the humidity was so far below what one expects in the deep south, making it a wonderful opportunity to meet some great dogs & their leash-holders on my way to the first cup of coffee for the day.

Sunrise over the Mississippi River

Rose was a rescued Dalmatian, blind in one eye & adored by a guy who seemed better suited for the California coast – I would have sworn he was a surfer, dude!

Dalmatian pups
Walking too fast to take a photo of the beautiful Rose.

The cutest little Pug was having trouble deciding whether to listen to his pretty leash-holder or come chasing after me. In the end, he made the right choice…it only took a couple of leash tugs to return his attention to the right place.

Walking with DH on the way to Brennan’s – he wasn’t about to stop for me to photograph the cutie-pie Pug.

Find a dog to say “hello” to today & have a great weekend!


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