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Sludge Smoothies & Umami Link

May 8, 2012

To decrease the effect of allergens, I have been ingesting spirulina daily for a number of weeks now. Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it? Blue-green algae stirred into water or a smoothie – teal green sludge… yum yum. Not!

IMG 1857

It’s actually pretty generic – no taste.

IMG 1859

IMG 1860

I will say that a smoothie is better because of the flavor combination which includes blueberries, lemon & raw veggie juice.

IMG 1863

IMG 1865

Has it helped? Maybe, maybe not. At least the allergies don’t see to be getting worse.

Number 1 son sent me this link weeks ago to recipes using miso. Thought you might find it of interest, too.

Umami recipes


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