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Graduation in St. Louis!

May 17, 2012

Taking a few days off to travel to & enjoy the graduation of #3 son from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law. I can hardly believe it! My last kid out of school!

PreK grad  3

The boys, at age 3, started school at Ridgeway Pre-School where my MIL was librarian. They attended Presbyterian Day School for Boys, Memphis University School, where #1 graduated. After our move to Nashville, #2 & 3 finished high school at Montgomery Bell Academy. To these we add Georgia Institute of Technology, Centre College & Furman University. Then University of Tennessee for a dual MBA/JD & finally, Wash U. Law.


We have been paying tuition for 27 years! TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS!
But, guess what – I do not regret a single check written! DH & I made a conscious choice to educate our sons to the best of our abilities. We chose to invest in them all of our time, attention & effort. When the stock market started falling & IRAs & 401 K totals were dropping for our friends, our major investment kept climbing in value – our sons. We didn’t lose a dime of what we spent & that value continues to rise.

DH boys on vacation

There were many nights we ate beans & rice or peanut butter sandwiches. We didn’t take fancy vacations. Hand-me-down clothes hung in the closet. We didn’t drive fancy cars, live in a perfectly decorated home or enjoy the leisure of a maid or lawn service. But the boys played in the backyard & read lots of books & practiced spelling words & learned Bible verses & played football/basketball/soccer & made speeches & worked running crew for stage productions & were members of honor societies & enjoyed semesters abroad & graduated Phi Beta Kappa & became deep thinkers with vision & grew into the men that I not only love – I like them! They are fantastic men!


Thank You, Lord God, for allowing us the privilege of raising them, educating them & for providing all we needed to accomplish this year after year.


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