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Body Image

May 31, 2012

DH & I have been at the beach this week.
Of course we’ve seen the beautiful sand & sea, the birds, waves, sea oats.
What continues to strike me, though, is the people.
I love the children – so excited, ready to run to the water or dig in the sand. Memories…ahh…

Question – Why is it that men, who are beyond all possibilities OBESE, walk around like they are the cock of the walk, the most gorgeous thing in skin on the beach, yet somehow the women, who are not obese, most not even overweight, walk around as though they have something to hide, are not what they should be…somehow ashamed of their bodies?

Maybe I am ultra-sensitive about this… I have lost a ton of weight in this past year & have been hard at work to heal myself, body image especially. But what is it about a culture that tells men that they are the best of all things considered & women that they just don’t measure up?

If I could stand on a soapbox & be heard over the sound of the sea, I would scream at the men to lose some weight, for crying out loud! To the women – you are so beautiful, you are so necessary in the life of your family. Care for yourself well. Be gentle to yourself. Say kind things to yourself. You are loved.

Nope – no photos. Too much pain being witnessed.


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