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Critters & Baked Possum

June 27, 2012

While DH & I were attending his 40th high school reunion, our house-sitters (#2 & 3 son & DIL) couldn’t understand why Lucy was barking like a crazy dog. They erroneously assumed she had “treed” a chipmunk.

#2 son called her multiple times & when she wouldn’t respond, he finally walked outside to fetch her. That’s when he saw it – she had cornered a baby possum!

220px Opossum 2

This must be the little pest who had destroyed a brand new hummingbird feeder & had been eating all the strawberries in the strawberry bed. Possums in this area are also known to have rabies.

He managed to remove Lucy from the vicinity & requested assistance from “Annie Oakley” who dispatched the ugly critter straight away.

220px Annie oakley

Thanks, “Annie Oakley” & “Buffalo Bill” for your assistance.

I’ve heard my whole life of people eating possum though I have never tasted it or known anyone who has. Here’s a recipe recently published locally.

Cooking Possum

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