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Grocery Shopping When In A Different City

August 8, 2012
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I am amazed at the differences in the Whole Foods Store in Memphis as opposed to the ones I usually shop. It is much smaller…much smaller. Very crowded – that’s good! The more people seeking excellent, organic, grass-fed, pastured foods the better we will all be!

IMG 2178

The young woman at the check-out counter was new so she hadn’t memorized all the vegetable codes yet. She was friendly, talkative & efficient considering she was looking up almost every vegetable.

IMG 2177

The young man packing my bags – yep, I keep my reusables in my car – was efficient, friendly, but didn’t offer to help me out to the car with my purchases. That’s OK…this time!

IMG 2179

Yep, just making use of the free Wi-Fi, enjoying a Multi-Green Kombucha & chilling for a few minutes.

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