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Lucy to the Vet

August 30, 2012

Lucy does not like going to the veterinarian. Maybe no animal does, but Lucy really doesn’t like to. I think it goes back to the days of her torn ACLs. (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Yep, she tore both back leg ACLs chasing rabbits which required treatment, not surgery. Enter Dr. Ingram of the Franklin Road Animal Hospital!

IMG 0107

Two different vets had told me that Lucy would 1. need surgery but this surgery was usually reserved for large dogs who needed their ACLs to walk or 2. need aspirin for pain for the rest of her life & develop arthritis in the knee joints early. She was 18 months old. I found both options unacceptable & sought further counsel.

Being referred to Dr. Mark Ingram by my chiropractor, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose.


This man has a gift with animals! He is not governed by a clock or what everyone else is doing – read that as pharmaceuticals. He takes the time needed to address the issues at hand. He treats small animals as well as farm animals, raising his own grass-fed beef & beautiful American Paint Horses. Lucy was able to visit with the yearlings before our visit. She loves to bark at horses when we drive past them, but not when they are at the fence sniffing & nudging her to say, “Hello!” The old stallion is the most gorgeous, gentle horse! He looks like the map of the world is on his sides & back in black, white, brown, chestnut! No, I didn’t take a photo with Lu in my arms & #1 son’s camera… that’s another story. I digress… Oh yes, Lucy’s vet visit…

IMG 0108

Always looking for a point of escape, the moment she dreaded – “Bring Lucy in! Let’s check her weight!” Weight normal.

IMG 0113

Lungs sound a bit raspy & heart rate is too fast. “What’s going on at home?” I had to confess that we have 2 cats living in the house & lots of activity of late, including a trip to the Pet Emergency Clinic last Sunday morning for a bronchospasm that wouldn’t clear.

IMG 0116

Heart worm check negative. Skin looks good. Eyes bright. Tummy soft.
Ears are a bit inflamed. It appears that Lucy is allergic to the in-house cats. After her spine received a chiropractic adjustment & her teeth/mouth examined, her supplements were adjusted. “Lucy, is this good for you?” – the question as he muscle-tests her supplements. It amazes me how every single time Dr. Ingram has ever made an adjustment to her diet or supplements, it is always spot-on correct! I’m telling you, Dr. Ingram is magic! Actually, he is gifted by the Lord & he accepts that responsibility humbly. I love this man!

“Lucy, no more Sunday morning breathing problems. You made your Mom miss church & she sings in the choir!”
“I want to see her in 1 month to make adjustments to the supplements & recheck her heart. She’s 12 years old & there may be some heart issues starting.”

Yes, sir, we’ll be back!

“Hi, Dad, I’ve been a good girl! May I have a treat?”
IMG 0122


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