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Fitness Friday becomes Football Friday!

August 31, 2012


It’s been a while since we had a son in high school!
For many years every Friday evening was spent in the stands of a local high school watching #1 son play football. Sons 2 & 3 played basketball, soccer & ran track, but we still attended their high school football games to support the school & to …ahem…keep an eye on them!

Helmet Lamp
Yes, I had his helmet made into a lamp & yes, I love this lamp even if he doesn’t! You do notice that it’s at my house not his apartment.

So, in the southern United States, this weekend is the kick-off, pardon the pun, of football season.


Pack a tailgate picnic in your car, drive to a local high school, meet the folks there & enjoy the excitement that is high school football!



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