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Diabetes & Hypertension, Welcome to the SEC!

September 4, 2012

Last weekend was the opening of Southeastern Conference Football. While watching the televised games with DH I could not help but notice the rampant obesity of coaches & players. Yes, the linemen are supposed to be large, imposing figures who block & obstruct, however, when your gut is hanging over your football pants & your knees appear to barely be able to hold you upright, there’s a problem!


Oh, & what about the coaches? The Jackson State University coaches walked onto the field during a timeout. Gentlemen, have you ever heard that there is a problem in the African American community with diabetes & hypertension? You should be setting an example of fitness for your players & I’m sure your wives would be thrilled to know that you will be around to enjoy your grandchildren & retirement. Lose some weight, for crying out loud!


Sports, I thought, was about physical fitness & executing plays perfectly…or seeking perfection. Piling so much weight on a skeleton without regard to the muscle to fat ratio is foolish & dangerous. These guys won’t be playing football forever. They have careers to start, lives to live. Having an extra 50 – 100 pounds of excess adipose tissue to deal with stresses every organ system of the body: heart, digestive, nervous, circulatory…

Fat  nasty

Where is the weight training at these colleges? Where is the nutrition coach? Where is the fitness coach? Put on the weight in muscle! Put on the weight & increase your strength! Put on the weight & maintain your speed in the 40 yard dash! Put on the weight & stay healthy!



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