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The Smokies

September 25, 2012

They don’t call them the Smokey Mountains for nothing! The clouds form in the valleys & over the mountain tops, drifting by so that vistas are obscured & the massive trees are almost always dripping water.

IMG 0699

We were in actual rain & clouds the first days of our trip (6-inches!), but because Secluded Hideaway had 3 covered decks, we were able to rock & read & rest.

IMG 0698

Perched on the side of a mountain, accessible only by gravel road, the “cabin” – sorry, but 3 stories high (not counting the 2-story cinder block base) with a pool table & hot tub on the bottom & big screen televisions in every room doesn’t exactly translate to cabin – was a welcome escape for DH & me. We found it on the Home Away website. DH communicated by email, then spoke on the phone with the owner, who even called after we arrived to make sure everything was okay.

IMG 0714

No traffic noise, except when another car is on the gravel road. Only dripping rain, a few insects chirping, the creak of DH’s rocking chair.

IMG 0721

The best news – the cell phones didn’t have reception, the internet was iffy. Ahh! Quiet…


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