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Chinkapin Oaks

September 26, 2012

IMG 0704

My 2 giant backyard trees are Chinkapin Oaks. What a wonderful surprise to find the hardwood wonders around Secluded Hideaway.

IMG 0713

The acorns are almost ripe & provide food to the tree rats… uh… squirrels on the limbs & the wildlife on the ground.

IMG 0697

Interesting factoid: the acorns are sweeter than standard oak tree acorns & are palatable for people to eat. Did you know that you can semi-dry acorn & grind them to flour? Didn’t you ever read My Side Of The Mountain as a child? (I heard Jean Craighead George speak when I was in 4th Grade – the first time I had ever heard an author speak about her own book. I thought that was special.)

IMG 0701

Below the evergreen line of the Smokies, hardwoods are a staple with Blaack Cherry, Honey Locust & the famous Sourwood Trees (& honey – thanks, honeybees!) filling in underneath. But it’s hard to beat the beautiful giant oaks.

IMG 0708


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