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Dinner Guests & Coffee Cake Link

September 27, 2012

IMG 0717

The rain finally cleared & left the mountain vistas clear. Who knew there were cabins so nearby though difficult to access on their own gravel roads or…

IMG 0720

…across the valley.

IMG 0706

We had noticed the drip line around Secluded Hideaway, but something out of character…

IMG 0707

…a bare spot at the base of the central post of the decks. We didn’t think anything else about it & went about preparing dinner.

Raccoon Roost

Enjoying the quiet evening with the sun setting we heard a noise under the deck & thought it was probably the White Tail Deer becoming active. Wrong.

IMG 0722

Mama Raccoon & her 2 kits.

IMG 0723

It seems other visitors to Secluded Hideaway have done the unthinkable & ill-advised – they fed the wild raccoons! This creates problems because the raccoons are not stupid – they learn that food is plentiful & available either from the visitors or by raiding the garbage cans. They are expert climbers, meaning they can join the folks on the deck – oops! Rabies is active in this part of the United States.

IMG 0724

Feeding wildlife is illegal in the Smokey Mountains for very good reason. Don’t do it! If you want to see these critters up close & personal, come to my backyard in middle Tennessee!

IMG 0725

(The last link will take you to my Coffee Cake recipe. Enjoy!)


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