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Fitness Friday: the Budwig Center

October 12, 2012

Have you heard of the Budwig Center for alternative Cancer Treatment? Dr. Johanna Budwig had a greater than 90% cure rate over 50 years with solid tumor cancers using nutritional therapy. Not bad!

Budwig diet

The Budwig Center offers it’s “diet” as a free download on their site. I’ve instituted it as a wellness plan going into the cold & flu season & to see if I can maintain my weight on it or lose a touch more. It’s been a pleasant change from the low-carb living I’ve been doing this past year & a half.

For Fitness Friday, I have linked the “Cancer Breathing Exercises” page. The Budwig Center is a firm proponent of rebounding. A rebounder may be the next piece of fitness equipment we add to our exercise room.

Oh, & before you ask – no, I do not have cancer.


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