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DH’s Fish Pond

October 18, 2012

Sunday afternoon, coming in from a drive, DH noticed his fish pond – ALL THE FISH WERE DEAD & FLOATING! All 30 of them, small & large!

What in the world happened?

IMG 0135

From the best we can figure, some of the agricultural oil that he sprayed on the dwarf citrus & his hibiscus must have drifted into the pond. It killed the algae, which in turn, removed all the oxygen from the water, even with the pump still on. Goldfish are heavy oxygen users & cannot survive without lots of oxygen in the water.

Horror of horrors! All the beautiful fish dead.

IMG 0136

Heartbroken, DH cleared them from the net then pumped out all the water & shoveled out the rocks in the bottom of the pool.

So sad.


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