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Everglade City

November 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy was 300 miles southeast of Miami, the day was very overcast & the wind was picking up, so we drove 2 hours southeast to Everglade City.
Met with a deluge once we arrived at the Everglade City Airboat Tours. We had to wait in the car until the rain subsided enough for DH to run to the pavilion where the tickets were sold. If we were willing to what until the rain stopped, or at least lessened, we would take our scheduled ride into the Everglades.
We enjoyed our picnic in the car wondering if the rain would ever stop. It did. Finally.

IMG 0935
The Pelicans were staying low.

IMG 0942
Heavy, wet clouds made for a dark, damp day.

IMG 0944
Blue Herons were still fishing.

IMG 0946
We weren’t the only adventurers out that day.

IMG 0947
The Everglades are made up of Mangrove swamps where the “walking trees” create stability for the land mass & new land is formed in the salt water.

IMG 0949
The airboats keep the waterways passable. If the boats stopped moving into the swamp the Mangroves would completely clog the “pathways” & excursions would stop.

IMG 0950
Mangroves are protected by government edict which means they cannot be cut or pruned without permission, a certified arborist & photographic witness.

IMG 0951
The brown water is “Mangrove tea” – a combination of decaying Mangrove & sea water creating a rich, environment for fish & animals to thrive.

IMG 0953
The airboats were developed in Canada to move across frozen lakes in winter. Someone had the great idea that they would work on the Everglade water & Louisiana swamps to ride across the top of the water like a bug.

IMG 0957
When the giant fan is turned on, the boat rises up 4 feet & slides so fast that if our driver weren’t experienced, we would be in danger.

IMG 0959
Turning another corner & look who was waiting patiently just under the surface of the water.

IMG 0960

IMG 0962
He was not afraid & when we stopped the alligator turned to come visit us.

IMG 0964

IMG 0967
Around the next bend the Mangroves opened into a shallow grassland. As the elevation rises, grasses, trees & shrubs grow. This is where larger land animals live: Florida panther (the southern US cougar), raccoons, more birds, etc.

IMG 0969
Back to the Mangroves as rain is sprinkling down…

IMG 0971
…& guess who was waiting…

IMG 0973
Everglade raccoons are the same variety as the bandit who DH caught with a honeybun last Spring, only 10 lbs. lighter because they have a ready source of food year round.

IMG 0975
Obviously they are accustomed to visitors.

IMG 0976

IMG 0978
The other boat captain brought Cheetos… I’m not saying a word…

IMG 0979
One hour later we were back at the dock, the rain was returning in earnest & off to a local state park.


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    November 11, 2012 5:34 pm

    Fascinating pictures.Thank you for stopping by.Regards.jalal.

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