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New Year’s Resolution

January 1, 2013

“What makes something special is not just what you have to gain, but what you feel there is to lose.” Andre Agassi

New Year’s Resolution: Do not take my ability to sing for granted!

As a choir member, I don’t come to choir practice on Wednesday evenings & show up for church on Sunday just to get to wear the snazzy choir robe & sit in the best seat in the house. I have a calling to sing God’s praises, to assist in worship & to use my voice to God’s glory. It never occurred to me that this responsibility, this opportunity, this love could be taken away

Take a deep breath, open my mouth & sing. It used to be so easy. It used to be something I could do without even thinking. Because of the scent allergy that I have talked about ad nauseum, in the blink of an eye, or rather, the sniff of a nose, my voice could be gone for hours.

Well, there’s a new wrinkle. Friday after the choir Christmas party I had a total thyroidectomy. It had been on the schedule for weeks, but with all the happenings around the choir last fall, I didn’t want to add distractions to our already hectic schedule, so I kept it kind of quiet.

Surgery went very well. Nerves innervating the vocal cords were easily seen & essentially untouched during the operation so no nerve damage expected. No cancer seen by the pathologist. But, 2 days post-op, what started as a bit of hoarseness became full-blown loss of voice. Nothing above a whisper. This is not unusual or unexpected, it’s just…a bit disconcerting.

I went on vocal rest – silence – to allow swelling in the vocal cords to abate. My voice should stabilize over the next few weeks with complete recuperation expected in 6 months.

I told you all of this just to say that my New Year’s Resolution is to not take my voice for granted, my ability to sing for granted. Not ever, ever again!

Happy New Year! My hope & prayer for you is peace in the Lord Jesus Christ this year & forevermore.




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