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Thyroid Awareness Post 2

January 9, 2013

My Internist required that I have blood work done prior to my appointment so the results would be ready for her to discuss with me. Smart doc.

General physical. Nothing unexpected. Physical exam – physicians must “lay hands on” to do a proper assessment. There are millions of blood tests, hundreds of procedures like X-rays, CTs, but nothing can replace an experienced doctor touching a human body.

My new doctor put her fingers on my neck then frowned. I repeated the always-said “I have always been told I have a prominent thyroid.” She stood behind me & wrapped her fingers around my neck & said, “Swallow.” I complied. She stood in front of me & looked at my neck…for a long time. “I don’t like it.” Hmm…what’s up? “I want you to get a CT of your thyroid. We will get the appointment set up before you leave.” After staring at my neck a few more minutes she completed the physical.

While I was getting dressed her RN assistant, scheduled the CT for the following morning at the location where I used to get mammograms.

Cool springs imaging

No time to dread or be concerned & I was assuming she was worried out of proportion to what she thought she found. I told DH when he arrived home from work & he immediately stood behind me & wrapped his fingers around my throat feeling my thyroid saying, “Swallow.” Why had I not told him that this had gotten so big? I hadn’t noticed that it had gotten “so” big. It was what it was. “You know this could be something?” Naw, this is just a doc covering her behind because she’s never felt my prominent thyroid before.

Next morning, waiting room again. One thing I will say about Cool Springs Imaging – they are efficient. They move folks in & out & waiting is kept to a minimum.

I’m called back & as I walk into the room with the CT machine I stop. Scent! Tons of perfume! I explain to the technician about my allergy. She apologizes that the previous patient was soaked in perfume but there was no way to clear the air in the room & the door must be closed during the scan. :0(

With my nose & mouth covered with my handkerchief I lay on the table & she completed the thyroid scan as quickly as she could. Of course, my voice was gone & my head was splitting with a migraine, but it was done.

Now to wait for the results.

Continued tomorrow.

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  1. Peg permalink
    January 9, 2013 7:52 am
    Mary is a patient advocate worth checking out.

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