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My Thyroidectomy Post 3

January 10, 2013

CT of thyroid results are called to my Internist, then a hard copy faxed. Within hours I was called by my Internist personally. I must have a thyroid biopsy. The results are quite suspicious & there is no way to tell what is really there until a biopsy is taken. She emailed me a copy of the CT Scan report.

Uh oh! This is not good.

Enlarged thyroid gland

DH comes in from work. I share with him my phone call & the CT Scan report. He immediately grabs the phone & calls a dear friend who just happened to be the top thyroid surgeon at Vanderbilt University Medical Center until he expanded his career with DH’s mentoring.

Chip was concerned when DH read the report to him. He would make the arrangements with his former assistant to see the best surgeon currently there who he, Chip, happened to have trained. Within the hour I had an appointment the following week with Dr. James Broome for a thyroid biopsy & the office would call to confirm with any instructions. Whew! That was fast!

Maybe this was something not good… I reread the report focusing on the sentences my internist underlined with a pen:

…There are multiple bilateral thyroid nodules. The dominant nodule in the right is in the anterior lower pole and contains some small calcifications… There are a few small foci of internal hypervascularity… A predominantly solid nodule on the right aspect of the isthmus measures 1.6 x 1.8 x 0.8 cm and appears to contain a few microcalcifications and is hypervascular…

IMPRESSION: Multinodular goiter with marked enlargement and nodularity of the thyroid glands. Multiple nodules meet sonographic criteria for biopsy with descriptions given above…

DH arranges his schedule to be with me during this procedure & it’s all set. Waiting…again.


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