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My Thyroidectomy Post 4

January 15, 2013

“Where are we going?” “The 8th floor.” “Are you sure?” “That’s what they said. I wrote it down. Oh, that’s where Cathy worked, look, The Bill Wilkerson Center.” “But where are we supposed to go? The only other thing on this floor is the Eskind Diabetes Center.” “Well, Suite 8210 is the office number I was given, so I guess that’s where we’re supposed to go.” Oh good, another waiting room.

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“Hello, I’m Dr. Broome.”
After the pleasantries Dr. Broome begins to dissect the CT Scan report explaining what this means & why a biopsy is necessary. Then the familiar fingers around the neck & “swallow.” This time there is an added fingers on the front of the neck pushing, feeling of this large mass.

“You really do need a biopsy & if you are ready we can do it now.”
Well, hello, that’s why I thought I was here!
Ushered down the hall a couple of doors into the room with the giant machine & weird looking chair. “It will be just a few minutes.”

DH & I both start texting: he to our dear friend, Judy & his sister to give them an update & ask for prayer; me to my prayer partners asking for prayer & the Chairman of the World Missions Committee – I was not going to make it to the meeting that evening, telling him only that I was “stuck in the bowels of Vandy Med.” Still had my sense of humor.

“Okay then. Just relax & don’t move.”
“Uh, don’t I get something for…uh…to help calm me?”
“No. This isn’t bad & will only take a few minutes.”
Hmm…I wonder how many times his thyroid has been biopsied?

Holding tightly onto DH’s hand, the chair reclined & I no longer was involved in the conversation. Dr. Broome spoke with his assistant, pathology was called requesting someone to be present to make sure the specimens obtained would be viable & I was to be still.

An Ultrasound-guided Biopsy is rather amazing, part of the miracle of modern medicine. With the use of the ultrasound machine, a doctor can visualize the specific area he wants to biopsy down to the Nth degree.

“Are you okay? Are you okay?” DH kept asking me this because I was so still & so stiff. Of course I was stiff & still! This guy was sticking needles through my neck into my thyroid gland & I wasn’t about to move a muscle! I was praying that I wouldn’t need to cough because I had a feeling that wouldn’t be good. I finally managed a thumbs-up for DH.

The worst part, besides the needles in the neck, was that one particular nodule that Dr. Broome wanted to biopsy was at the back base of the thyroid lying against my trachea…deep. Yep, I could have used a valium about then.

Waiting again. But in the mean time I would be scheduled to see the Endocrinologist who specialized particularly in thyroid issues. Good news – he’s another friend from church. God is so good to me.

Pathology reported not “inconclusive” but “benign” (praise the Lord!) but removal of the thyroid was still recommended. Huh? What? Why? There’s no cancer so why does it need to come out? Because there is no way to check every single nodule & calcification. Unless the entire gland is removed & thoroughly examined under a microscope there is no way to definitively rule out thyroid cancer. The gland is also too large & taking up too much room in the neck, it may be causing other issues. Hmm…I’ll think about it.

1st endocrinologist visit.
Back to Suite 8210.
“If this were my wife, I would say take it out.”
“But that means I’ll be on thyroid hormone pills the rest of my life.”
“Yes it would.”
“But I don’t want to have to do that.”
“Well, for one thing, with Obamacare coming in, what if a death panel decides I’ve lived long enough & says “No more thyroid hormone for you?”
“If they do that then we are all dead. It’s not going to happen.”
“But…” On & on I made my arguments, the same arguments I had had with DH for a week & every argument was met calmly, rationally & rebuffed.
“Well, what if I just ask the elders of the church to lay hands on me for healing?”
He being an elder of our church, “How do you know that is not what is happening here & that the Lord’s intent & gift is for the healing to occur at the hands of a surgeon?”
I hate it when doctors are right & show it right to my face! Wow! God’s gift to me was a physician, an elder in my own church who had the courage & strength to speak truth to me, to my face. As I have said, God is so very good to me.

“I’ll think about it.” With that I left.
Poor Lee. He is such an excellent Endocrinologist & to have to put up with a difficult patient – me…

Time to call the prayer partners to work & spend some time on my face before the Lord.

Continued tomorrow.

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  1. Gayle Moody permalink
    January 15, 2013 5:55 am

    I’d have been arguing right along with you. What a dear your doctor was to be able to communicate that God sometimes works by using the doctors! A good reminder to me (currently avoiding my doctor).

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