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My Thyroidectomy Post 5

January 16, 2013

Because there was no obvious cancer in the biopsies, because with thyroid surgery there is a risk of damage to the nerves innervating the vocal cords with resulting loss of voice, because we had a new Choir Director who had just started to lead the choir & I am Choir President this year & because we have our annual Christmas At Covenant concert in December, DH agreed that I could wait until after the Choir Christmas Concert to have my surgery. I had relented. There was no way around it or out of it. My thyroid had to be removed. But by postponing it for 8 weeks, I had time to prepare myself mentally, emotionally & physically.

I told Greg, my personal trainer, that I wanted to be in the best shape of my life going into this surgery to decrease the chances that something untoward would happen. He agreed & held me to my word. He worked my behind off, demanding more of me than he ever had before, more than I thought I could do. But I did it!

I had consulted with my beloved chiropractor, Michele – she would help me in any way she could, making sure my supplementation was where it needed to be & she insisted that I take her cold laser home every weekend to reduce the inflammation in the neck area prior to surgery to decrease the chance that my vocal cords would be damaged.

Cold laser

I discussed this with my dear ONT, Dr. Q, my “voice doc” & he agreed that the cold laser was an excellent idea. He would monitor my voice, made sure nothing interesting cropped up prior to surgery in the voice box or sinus area.

I did not share that I was scheduled for surgery with a lot of people because…contrary to this public display of my writing, I’m kind of a private person…an introvert… I didn’t want to be a distraction to the choir with all the work we had to do for the Christmas concert. Also, we had some serious illness issues with a couple of choir members & mine seemed quite minor by comparison.

My wonderful prayer partners lifted me up to the Lord & again I waited.


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