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My Thyroidectomy Post 8

January 21, 2013

“Hi, I’m Justin & I’ll be your Nurse tonight. What’s this?” asking why there was a toilet hat on the foot of my bed.
I explained that Nurse Happy had tossed it on the bed saying I needed to use it.
“Are you having any issues voiding?”
“You don’t need to use this! I’ll put it back.”

Okay, looks like we have a winner! Time to send DH & SIL away for the night. DH’s work week had included a quick trip to Minnesota (high of -10 degrees that day), many late meetings & the uber-stress he tolerates without complaint…much complaint. SIL had driven in from KC the day before so I knew she was fatigued.

“Look, if y’all stay here I won’t sleep. I think I can work with Nurse Justin & y’all need to sleep, too. Go home. Have some dinner. I’m fine.”
“But what about dinner – aren’t you going to need something to eat?”
“I’ll survive with my coconut water. I’m not really hungry anyway. I just need to sleep a bit.”
“Are you sure?”

With that Nurse Justin returned to take my vital signs.
“Justin, I have a deal for you. I’m feeling pretty good but I need to sleep. I promise to not bother you if you promise to not bother me. I brought a sleep mask with me & I will wear it so the lights can stay on & you can peek in to make sure I’m still alive. What do you say?”
“Sounds like a plan to me. If you wake up during the night, call me & I’ll get your vitals, but right now everything is stable, you aren’t having any pain, so no problem!”
“See D, I will be fine. You need some sleep & if you stay you will snore in the chair & I won’t sleep a wink. Just go home & I’ll see you in the morning.”
“If you’re sure.”


“I’m sure. Leave.” I said this with a smile. It took a few more minutes to usher them out, while in the meantime Nurse Justin returned with a plastic pitcher full of ice & water; the first one I had seen today! Finally, DH & SIL walked out, my door was closed, my sleep mask was on, my iPod in my ears with sounds of waves rolling in, I adjusted the ice pack behind my neck & in front of my neck & off to sleepy-time I was for a few hours.
I awakened just after midnight & the nursing assistant came in to take my vital signs. Back to sleep for about 3 more hours, then I awakened chilled. 3:30AM – yep, time to get up & get dressed! No reason to sit there in a hospital gown when I could put my clothes on & be ready when the resident came in to discharge. me. Oh, & I turned the warm air blower back on. Ahh!
Nurse Justin heard me & came in around 4 for more vital signs & to give me my first dose of thyroid hormone. I looked at the pill he presented.
“This isn’t right.”
“What do you mean?”
“The Endocrinologist said that I was to only take the name brand hormone he prescribed & that’s not it. But I did bring my own. I can take it.”
“Not a problem. I’ll just charge this back to Vandy.”
“Gotta get some blood to check your Calcium level.”
“You know Dr. Broome visualized my parathyroids & left them undisturbed?”
“Yeah, but got to get a level anyway.”
Calcium level was perfect.
DH arrived around 6:30AM. A tray arrived with…how do hospitals think people will recover from illnesses & surgeries served…ICK!? Nurse Justin said I had to eat something to prove I could.


Shift change. New nurse. She was just fine. When she saw I was struggling to find something on the tray I could/would eat, she asked if she could make me a piece of toast? She found 1 single pat of real butter & brought that, too. I choked down dry toast with butter knowing that I would be home soon to make my sautéd onions, kale & pastured eggs!


The resident, medical students & attending doctor for the weekend came in around 9:30AM. I was discharged! Hurrah! Day nurse took out the IV from my hand, found a wheelchair & DH & I took off down the hall.

Bob s

SIL headed to Memphis to spend Christmas with DH’s Mom since I was fine.

Once at home, DH made my breakfast eggs while #3 Son & DIL made me some Creamy Buckwheat Hot Cereal. Ahh! Real food!



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