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My Total Thyoidectomy Post 9

January 22, 2013


Just being away from hospital will make someone who is ill feel better. I didn’t feel ill so I improved immediately upon returning home.

My neck & throat have been adjusting to the new emptiness – when a formerly permanent something is removed, the remaining structures must adjust. That adjustment was in the form of muscle spasms in the neck, tracheal spasms & muscle spasms in the tongue. The neck muscles & trachea were easily dealt with – laying my finger on the offending spasm & it relaxed. The muscle spasm in the tongue was a different story.

The tongue is a thick, long muscle & sometimes it has a mind of its own. (The Bible speaks to this!) When the spasms struck, I couldn’t even swallow. That was not fun. Think of how when you have a muscle cramp in your calf: you pull your toe up & then shove your thumb in the cramp to make it stop. Well, the tongue was frozen in place so no way to pull it any direction, but I did shove my thumb into my tongue through the outside of my neck & in my mouth. Not fun!

My voice has been soft, at times almost inaudible. I have stayed on vocal rest most of the time, talking only if absolutely necessary to allow the vocal cords to relax & get the swelling out. When the different neck spasms occur, the voice disappears totally.

I have had no pain at the surgical site. Our friend, Dr. Chip, advised me to use a silicon scar patch on the incision 12 hours a day. I have complied. Dr. Broome, my surgeon, recommended that I massage the area daily using cocoa butter or coconut oil. I agreed. Because I have a healthy lifestyle – I don’t smoke or overindulge with alcohol, I eat a very healthy diet & I exercise regularly – my potential for ugly scarring is reduced. Added plus – I have fantastic genes for beautiful skin: I got them from my Mother who got them from her Mother.


I was started on a very low dose of thyroid hormone which I take every morning as soon as I get out of bed. First swallow the pill then look at the clock to note the time. You see, I cannot consume anything other than water for 1 hour after I take my thyroid hormone so that nothing interferes with the absorption. Blood work will be drawn prior to my visit with the Endocrinologist to see if the levels are therapeutic.

Exercise has not stopped, just changed a tad for the 1st few weeks. I rode the recumbent bike, just a couple of times, then I got my nerve up & rode the Sprint 8 program. Not too bad.

I did not venture out of the house much the first week, but the 2nd week I took glass to the recycling center which is just up the road from us. Turning my head wasn’t too much of a problem, just an occasionally muscle spasm.

So far so good.

Continued, but not too much longer.


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