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My Total Thyroidectomy Post 10

January 23, 2013

“I am releasing you into the wild,” Dr. Broome told me 3 weeks after surgery. I had had no problems, no complaints, no complications, no pain. I was free…sort of. He had visualized the nerves innervating the vocal cords perfectly during surgery – they were not touched. He had visualized the parathyroid glands & not needed to touch them during surgery. My serum calcium levels were holding well according to the blood work. Dr. Broome said that relatively speaking, this was an easy surgery because there was little inflammation in my neck at the time of surgery (Woo Hoo! & thanks to Dr. Michele for the use of the cold laser!) & the thyroid gland shelled out of the neck like a pea coming out of a pod.

The pathology report came back with absolutely no evidence of cancer. Just a huge thyroid gland. How huge? A normal thyroid gland weighs 15 grams. Mine weighed 61.8 grams! Yikes! No wonder my throat had a full feeling. No wonder the muscles are spasming – they’re just thrilled to be able to move around again! Now I’m beginning to understand why I have had some strange voice issues the past couple of years!

So, what does 15 grams vs. 62 grams look like?
Pumpkin seedsPumpkin Seeds

IMG 0042Partial Garlic Bulb

IMG 0043Partial Garlic Bulb, loose garlic cloves & a good-size Shallot

IMG 0045Spoonula

IMG 0046Spatula

IMG 0048Milk bones

IMG 0050
Lucy was going nuts while I made this photo!

  1. Pamalama permalink
    January 23, 2013 7:27 am

    Of course she was!! How many did she get? She deserved at least 2 for patience!!!

    • January 23, 2013 8:48 am

      She received one and only one. She has been gaining a bit of weight so we’re keeping a close eye on her treats, baby carrots and visits to Millie next door where she gets people-food nibbles.

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