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My Total Thyroidectomy Post 11

January 24, 2013

My voice doctor was quite pleased with the fact that the nerves to the vocal cords were not disturbed much during surgery. He was also pleased that I felt well enough to get back into my daily routine. He is concerned about the scar tissue trapping the nerves to my vocal cords over the next few weeks. All I can do is stretch & move & encourage everything on the inside of my neck to stay loose.

Dr. Quisling invented Entertainer’s Secret.

At 4 weeks post-op there was still too much swelling for me to start vocal exercises but he gave me permission to start humming occasionally. I was to be very circumspect about being around sick people at this height of the cold & flu season.

On this day I also had what we thought was a hypothyroid meltdown to the point that DH worked from home. I had blood work drawn to check the thyroid levels, put a call into the Endocrinologist & wrapped myself in a warm blanket with a box of tissues for the tears being shed along with weight gain, hair falling out… Weird stuff!

When I see folks at church or out & about around town everyone wants to see my incision scar. I had an unveiling at the 1st choir practice of the new year – so here it is for you to see as well.

Thyroidectomy incision at 4 weeks post-op:
4 weeks post op
Ever tried to take a photo of your self, not include your face & do this by watching what the camera was focusing on using a mirror? Not too bad. Dr. Broome said that he intended to slice into an existing “fold” in my neck, but since I didn’t have one, he made one symmetrical with the one in the center of my neck. Gee, thanks a lot.


After all this, let me add that you should have your thyroid checked annually by a good internal medicine doctor. Ladies, if you choose to have mammograms, please ask for a Thyroid Shield. They have them right there but will not provide them unless you ask. When you have dental X-rays made, ask the dentist for thyroid protection – a good dentist will gladly comply.

The challenge I am facing right now & for the next few weeks is regulating the thyroid hormone. From what I understand it will take about 12 weeks & 3 or 4 blood draws. Yippee…not!

Bottom line – I survived, seemingly with my voice intact. Now life goes on, just sans thyroid.


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