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Birthday Cake Memories

February 7, 2013

This used to be Birthday Week around our house because #1 son & #2 son have birthdays 1 day apart, but with #1 son living in New York City & #2 son traveling as a consultant every week, this is going to be a rather quiet, no-cake week.

I always made each son their own special birthday cake – hey, your birthday comes once a year, you can have what you want! Within reason…

First birthdays were always Bear Cakes.
IMG 0083

Not difficult, just bake 2 rounds & cupcakes: 2 ears, 4 paws & 1 snout.

IMG 0084
Train Cake for the 2nd birthday. I baked a 9×13 sheet cake for the base & another sheet cake baked in a jellyroll pan to cut out the train parts.

IMG 0085
#1 son was a huge fan & one year requested a GI Joe cake. Again, 9×13 sheet cake for the base & 2nd sheet cake from which to cut the letters.

IMG 0087
The year Batman came out, the first one with Michael Keaton & Jack Nicholson, #1 wanted a Batman cake & #2 wanted Joker. I tried my best, using a picture as my guide, making the Caped Crusader & the Bat Signal out of melted chocolate.
IMG 0088

Joker was easier. Just frosting.

IMG 0086
#1 son was Lego King of Presbyterian Day School for Boys so it only made sense that he would want a Lego Cake. 2 sheet cakes this time & 6 small cakes – bigger than cupcakes.

IMG 0089
The final trip down photo memory lane, #2 son wanted a “Mick Mouse Cake” – not M-I-C-K-E-Y Mouse! MICK Mouse. So I made one, again using melted chocolate.

I have often thought that my art was my cooking, especially my baking. Looking at these photos is a reminder to me that I really did spend a lot of time in the kitchen & loved making these cakes. It was wonderful to see the boys faces light up when they saw their own cake.

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  1. February 7, 2013 1:52 pm

    These cakes are so fun, I LOVE that panda bear cake the most!

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