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Fitness Friday: Equipment

March 1, 2013

Before we get started, let me say that my foam roller is the most amazing thing I have ever purchased for myself & I use it every single day! I had never heard of such a thing until my personal trainer, Greg, introduced me to one at Chadwick’s Fitness where DH & I workout weekly.

IMG 0090

This is a link of Greg demonstrating how to use a foam roller on the Chadwick’s website. Isn’t he adorable? Slave driver, demanding, knowledgeable, good looking… He’s got it all – including a beautiful wife, adorable son & house full of dogs, mainly rescued German Shepherds.

IMG 0092

Dr. Mercola recently presented a list of fitness equipment that is useful & not too expensive. It’s the little things that are useable at home that can really make a difference.

IMG 0094

DH & I gave ourselves this exercise room the year after #3 son graduated from college…no more tuition! Woo Hoo! We had our screened porch glassed in by a local company & it was the best improvement we ever have made to our home!
DH hung a big television. I hung a chin-up bar…with #2 son’s assistance. We bought a semi-recumbent bike & I moved my inversion table from upstairs down. But what do I use every single day? My yoga mat, foam roller, bands & exercise ball. The kettle bell is used a couple of times a week.
One question friends ask – why the big mirror? It makes the room look bigger & I can see myself in yoga poses to check positioning.
Oh, & the floor is cork.

Lucy has 2 beds in here since her best friend, Millie, gave her the round red bed on Valentine’s Day. Lucy stays on alert in this room to watch for Big Bird, the Great Blue Heron which is stealing goldfish from our little pond.

Have a great weekend!


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