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Savannah Live Oaks

March 19, 2013

We came from all points & met in Savannah, Georgia, USA. There was airport transport coordination, a meeting along the interstate south of town & we converged on 209 West Bolton in our rented condo in the historic Forsyth Park area.
It was a lovely old home that had been renovated & divided into 3 rentable spaces. We were in the Garden View portion, which means lowest level, no stairs.
B & J shared a room & a bed. P & I shared a room. C stayed with her daughter.
I was awake early every morning, creeping from the bedroom, changing into my exercise clothes in the sitting room, then doing an abbreviated workout in the kitchen as not to awaken my sleeping best friends. I will say that P90X Yoga on a tile kitchen floor with no yoga mat was hard on the hands & feet.

Live oaks are everywhere you look in Savannah. In Bonaventure Cemetery.

IMG 0101

In the historic downtown area.

IMG 0122

In every Square – & there are 22 of the original 24 Squares. They canopy over streets.

IMG 0124

They stand strong bearing a heavy load of Spanish moss, the twisted arms reaching up & out.

IMG 0166

In almost every restaurant we passed, there were bowls of Andes Mint Candies at the cash register. I made this delicious, healthy alternative yesterday – oh my goodness! Thanks, Lauren at Oatmeal with a Fork!


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