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Touring & Forsyth Park

March 26, 2013

IMG 0153

We decided to take a bus tour of Savannah to get a feel for the city, learn a few facts & figure out what we really wanted to see.

IMG 0163

Historic people, organizations founded, public greens/squares/parks…

IMG 0164

statues, fences, live oak trees everywhere…

IMG 0165

We would step off the bus, walk around in the “mist” which felt remarkably like “rain!”

IMG 0169

Forsyth Park was two blocks from our condo.

IMG 0181

Created in the 1840’s, this 30 acre park is the gathering place for dogs & their owners, frisbees & their throwers, walkers, bike-riders & anyone who wants to enjoy a refreshing walk through the live oaks & azaleas.

IMG 0172

The Forsyth Fountain was spewing green water in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day.
IMG 0176

IMG 0177

IMG 0178

IMG 0179

IMG 0180

In the center, the Confederate Memorial which never touched Union soil on it’s way from Canada where it was created…
IMG 0182

At the Park Avenue perimeter, the Spanish American War memorial…(there was a wonderful “health food” store across the street from this!)
IMG 0186

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