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The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

April 2, 2013

On our bus tour around Savannah, we stepped off at The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Dedicated in 1876, this French Gothic cathedral has survived fire, hurricanes & thousands of visiting tourists.

IMG 0156

The front altars are Italian marble, but the beautiful columns are faux – painted as marble.

IMG 0158

The ceiling is painted blue & adorned, the stained glass windows soften the light as we see the stations of the cross.

IMG 0157

IMG 0159

IMG 0160

The walls are painted stucco & I was surprised to find the center of the decoration was a brass cross, not painted.

IMG 0161

Wooden floors support the pews & the aisles are slate with a rose marble edge.

IMG 0162

The Noack pipe organ was in the back upper balcony & I wished someone had needed to play it. Alas, no. Installed in 1987, this organ case is white oak, while the console is black walnut.

Though we are not Roman Catholic, my dearest friends & I are devout Christians & we take the opportunity to visit a house of worship wherever we are. This is a beautiful place to worship our most holy God.

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  1. Rebecca Fancher permalink
    April 2, 2013 7:11 am

    Beautiful reminder of our trip!

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