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Good-byes & Scattering

April 5, 2013

Back to airport-transport. Who’s flying out when? Who’s closing up the condo? Where are we supposed to put the garbage? There is no garbage can!

IMG 0229

J had the earliest flight out because she had an appointment at noon…rather her patient had an appointment with her. Hope there aren’t any flight delays.

We cleared out the refrigerator – what could P take with her in a cooler, what could B & C eat for lunch, anything left? The dishwasher was loaded & turned on. Linens in the bathrooms.

IMG 0226

I dropped B with C at daughter’s apartment. Her flight was way late so C would get her to the airport. C doesn’t fly out until Saturday.

P’s folks were driving in from south Georgia for a bit of shopping then back home for the last few days of P’s visit. She got to close up the condo. Thanks, P!

IMG 0238
The Chandler Oak

I had to return the rental car, so headed for the airport as soon as B was delivered, luggage unloaded. With my Garmin cued up, I passed areas of the city I had not seen before. Traffic wasn’t a problem even with the road closure & detour just before the airport turn. Car returned, through security, sitting quietly at the gate texting DH. Another Girls Weekend ends. Goodbye live oaks, blooming azaleas, giant pine trees.

We are going to try to get together again in October – this October


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