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Good-bye, Russian River Valley & Sonoma, Hello, San Francisco…almost

May 10, 2013

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After a bit more hiking in the redwoods, we bid a fond farewell to the Russian River Valley & Sonoma County.

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The temperatures had been a bit cooler than I had expected, the towns smaller (I haven’t driven down this many Main Streets in years!) & the wines wonderful. I loved driving past pastures of cows, sheep & goats over my head & appreciated seeing Organic Valley signs on pasture fences with cows grazing on fresh, green grass! It’s not raw milk, or as I call it Real Milk, but it’s better than the standard white stuff in the plastic containers! By the way, Organic Valley, why do you restrict local farmers in their milk sales? You don’t even allow them to sell a single gallon to a family member or neighbor. What are you afraid of? that when enough people taste delicious, unadulterated REAL raw milk they won’t drink the nasty stuff in the grocery store dairy case?

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But before we could drive into San Francisco we had to pay a visit to a friend, a friend I have had for a number of years now, spoken to on the phone numerous times, but never met face to face. She insisted we stop by her home which overlooks a bay on our way into San Fran.

Dr. Veronique Raskin started The Organic Wine Company in 1980 as a way to introduce the world to excellent wines which were, by the way, ORGANIC!

I don’t really remember how I found out about this company, but joined the Wine Club & have looked forward to the selections chosen by Veronique every month.

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Have you ever experienced flushing when you drink wine, particularly red wine? Have you ever had a headache after drinking wine? How about nasal congestion? It’s not the sulfites!

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DH was struggling with these issues to the point of frustration until I insisted he drink only Veronique’s organic wines for a time. Problem solved! I don’t know what standard wine makers spray on their vines, their grapes or pour into their wines, but whatever it is, it’s NOT in the organic wines! Even organic wines with sulfites do not have the same effect as standard wines.


Please go to website, do some reading & order some wine from The Organic Wine Company! They are the best tasting organic wines available & the prices are so reasonable! You can even choose a Chateau Veronique from Veronique’s family vineyard in France!

Chateau Veronique


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