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Asphalt, Concrete & Crowds: A Rant

May 14, 2013

IMG 0446

I don’t like big cities. Nope. Don’t care about the fancy restaurants. Don’t care about the claims of more cultural venues. I don’t like the asphalt, concrete & crowds.

IMG 0436

Because DH was attending a Continuing Medical Education conference, I was on my own each day. One day I met him for lunch, the day I took all the “feet” photos.

IMG 0101

One day I searched the Union Square area for a restaurant for dinner, took a wrong turn & was in an area where I was …hmm… not at all comfortable with my surroundings. My gratitude to the Lord for His protection!

IMG 0465

We did have three delicious dinners, the most notable at M.Y. China – beautiful presentation & delicious food!

IMG 0466

We had a lovely room at the Grand Hyatt.

IMG 0467

I shipped home wonderful wines my friend, Veronique, had given us…uh…actually they were empty bottles…since the UPS Store didn’t have a license to ship wine out of state…wink, wink, nudge, nudge. (We have some of the most stupid laws in this country, but that’s another rant!)

IMG 0468

Oh, I returned home to find my credit card information had been stolen!

IMG 0469

I used the card at the Walgreens at the corner of Powell Street & Sutter, a Walgreens on Market Street & the UPS Store on Sutter. That’s it! So, someone in one of these three places stole my credit card information.

IMG 0435

Oh, the next day home we discovered DH’s credit card information had been stolen! He had used his credit card at the 3 restaurants & that’s it!


Nope, I don’t like big cities & don’t care if I ever go back to San Francisco. You can keep your sourdough bread – I’m a low-carb lifestyle person anyway!


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