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Climbing Mt. LeConte: Down!

May 23, 2013

IMG 1336

“Listen! I think the rain has stopped!”
6AM & the rain is gone…but not the clouds. Sunrise at 6:45…let’s give it a try, I am an optimist after all! We climbed the 3/4 of a mile up to Myrtle Point, the eastern flank of Mt. LeConte to find clouds & fog, so we climbed the 3/4 of a mile back down to our cabin to pre-pack some things before breakfast.

IMG 1349

Pancakes, margarine & Tang were on the table when we arrived. No thank you, I’ll just have some hot water for my tea, please – yes, I brought my teabags with me!
Scrambled eggs & Canadian bacon. Grits & biscuits. Coffee. Hot chocolate.
While everyone else fell on the carbs, I attacked the platter of eggs & bacon.

IMG 0501

Time to clean up the cabin: dump the wash water, pack the now-dry dirty socks & ponchos, pack the non-burnable items that we brought up, make sure nothing was left behind. Shrug on the backpacks. Time to go – 9:05AM.

IMG 0503

The trail was still wet & slick but at least it was no longer raining! Ski poles in hand we started our descent, not sure if we could pick up the pace & beat yesterday’s climb time.

IMG 0504

DH was struggling early on with his legs – the muscles were still fatigued from yesterday’s climb & he was having trouble maintaining is balance. I took the lead trying to encourage, cajole, anything to keep him moving down the mountain. I slowed my pace to make sure DH didn’t stumble as we descended.

IMG 0505

Llamas! Got to step aside off the trail – llamas have the right-of-way! We met the llama train coming up with supplies for the Lodge. The llamas & their wranglers make this trip every Monday, Wednesday & Friday during season. That’s got to be tough on the knees of the wranglers!

IMG 0506

These wranglers are new having taken the reins from the previous handler who retired at the end of last season after 20 years on the job.

IMG 0515

Streams were still swollen & rocks quite slick. Mud holes were disguised under leaves so footing was sometimes a problem.

IMG 0517

The spring wildflowers were opening their blooms to the sun. I know my friends C & P could identify all of them, but I could only guess at Spring Beauty & Native Wintergreen.

IMG 0519
That was the trail we had just descended.

As we reached the 3-mile turn, we met a group of men climbing to the Lodge. DH had to rest for a while on a log. We were over 2 1/2 hours into the descent.

IMG 1335

Begin again. I insisted DH take my ski pole so he would have more stability since his legs were getting worse, at times barely able to keep them moving without severe muscle cramps. I offered to carry his backpack but he refused.

IMG 0524

As we approached Grotto Falls the number of people on the trail increased; people out for a lovely walk on a pretty day. Our pace slowed again, this time because people were in front of us or sitting along the trail.

IMG 0530

After passing the falls we encountered a group of young people, college-age & one of the guys was smoking a cigar! Give me a break! You come out into the fresh air & then pollute it by lighting up a cigar? First of all, I think it’s against the law to have an open flame on this particular mountain. Second – if you want to smoke a cigar, go to a cigar bar with a nice glass of Scotch, not an area where people have been climbing down a mountain for 3 1/2 hours, need to breathe deeply & not be choked on lung-polluting smoke!

IMG 0526

We managed to pass them, praise the Lord, even DH!

IMG 0528

At last we could see the end of the trail. I sped up leaving DH to negotiate the final steps downward alone so I could open the car, remove my pack & be ready to drive. He made it! Down in 4 hours 5 minutes! We stowed the backpacks in the trunk, removed our sodden-once-again shoes, buckled our seat belts & were off!

DH opened the coconut water I had left for us in a cooler, took a couple of aspirin while I drove out of the national park headed west.
4 hours 15 minutes later I pulled into our driveway. Thank You, Lord, there were no State Troopers out this afternoon because I was flying low!


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